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Beauty for Your Weekend – April 7, 2017

Happy Friday! This week’s been a hodgepodge of celebrations, hard work, and late nights. I am welcoming the weekend and, if anything, I know it’ll include these two things in our house: The Masters and coffee. Can you tell which one is of my choosing? Here’s some beauty for your weekend.

Little Hands and Feet: I’ve officially entered the ‘friends having children’ stage. A couple that we’ve journeyed through dating, engagement, and marriage with had their first baby girl on Tuesday. Every life stage with them has been sweet, but there’s something about standing alongside someone as they bring new life into the world that makes your soul pause. And who doesn’t love mini noses, ears, hands, and feet?


Beautified Task List: I consume a lot of material about organization to help me usher my creative gifts into productivity. A podcast introduced me to an alternative way of to-do listing this week, and it’s changing the way I work. Rather than write down everything you plan on doing at the beginning of the day, you write down tasks as you do them. Complete that task, check the box, then write down another task. At the end of the day, you have a nice set of checked boxes instead of a bunch of untended to-dos.


For the Wannabe Green Thumbs: In honor of spring, I’m sharing one of my favorite bloggers’ Gardening Series with you. Whether you’re trying to grow herbs in a planter on your porch or map out a full-fledged fruit and vegetable garden, this is for you. I love how Lara fleshes out the metaphor of planting seeds and our growth in the Lord in this writing.

What’s been beautiful about your spring so far? Any plans for the weekend? Let me know in the comments.







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