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Beauty For Your Weekend – March 10, 2017

Welcome to the first installment of Beauty for Your Weekend! Every Friday, I’ll be sharing just that: things, from images and videos to quotes and books, that infused a little beauty into my week. I hope you’ll find some beauty in them, too.

  • We’re having winter whiplash here in the south, with snow expected this weekend. The wind’s been kicking up as the low-pressure storm sweeps in. I turned a corner today and thought I was going to need high powered jets to make it to my car. And then I saw this silly video of a wind-blown (literally) girl in Chicago, and I realized I don’t have it all that bad.
  • I started reading Melanie Shankle’s book on friendship, and I was touched by this quote. Friendship is among the greatest gifts. Something to ponder this weekend.

There are probably only a handful of times in our lives when someone who will change us forever walks in—when we find someone we can love with our whole hearts, who will challenge us and shape us and make us feel like the world is safer and brighter just because they are in it. A person who loves us for exactly who we are, yet teaches us to be better because of who they are and how they live their life.”

  • Eternity’s one of those concepts that I am equally amazed and bewildered by, but I should really dwell on it more often. This reminder in a post from Audrey Roloff struck a chord with me this week.

“Moments made eternity – moments precisely without the pressure of time; time free moments. Then if we complain of time and take such joy in the seemingly timeless moment, what does that suggest? It suggests that we have not always been or will not always be purely temporal creatures. It suggests that we were created for eternity.” – A Severe Mercy

Happy weekend! I hope you enjoy it with those you love and experience something lovely in the everyday.


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  • Reply Marlene DeForrest

    Enjoying the beauty that God gives us in the here and now! I love it!

    March 11, 2017 at 4:42 PM
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