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Beauty for Your Weekend – March 17, 2017

Happy Friday! David and I just got home from Washington, D.C., and it was was just the loveliest.

My two days consisted of:

  1. Snuggling up in the coziest AirBnB this side of the Mississippi.
  2. Graduating from “learn to build a wood burning fire” class (c/o my husband).
  3. Seeing my best friend, Amy, and saying “oh my gossshhh” and “babbyyyy” 1,000 times because she is creating a human.
  4. Risking my life roughly 2x per hour because I thought my Nike training shoes were an appropriate choice for walking. PSA: Do not attempt to be cute when there is black ice involved.

With that said, here’s some beauty for your weekend:

  • Scenes from D.C. I know I said this already, but this was just lovely. Our AirBnB hostess owns a pie shop in Georgetown with her two sisters called Pie Sisters, and I realized halfway through our stay that they baked the pies for my best friend’s wedding several years ago. Small, sweet world.




  • A dear friend of mine turned me on to the book Soul of Shame. Oh, how I am just reveling in all its truths. I even wrote a blog post about shame and friendship this week. Here’s a quote from the book to whet your palette:

“We deeply long for connection, to be seen and known for who we are without rejection. But we are terrified of the vulnerability that is required for that very contact. And shame is the variable that mediates that fear of rejection in the face of vulnerability. But in the Trinity we see something that we must pay attention to: God does not leave. The loving relationship shared between Father, Son and Spirit is the ground on which all other models of life and creativity rest. In this relationship of constant self-giving, vulnerable and joyful love, shame has no oxygen to breathe.”


  • I’m falling in love with this card game, Monopoly Deal. It’s fun, strategic, and does absolutely not last as long as classic Monopoly. If it’s rainy or snowy where you are, pick up this card game for a fun night in.


  • This week I was reminded of the beauty of Norah Jones’ voice. She was the Adele of the 90’s. We went to a concert Tuesday locally, and now I’m pulling out the old albums (so to say, via Spotify) and you should too.

Happy weekend! I hope you enjoy it with those you love and experience something lovely in the everyday.

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