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    Deeper Notes Style

    4 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Valentine

    To be honest, Valentine’s Day isn’t something David and I have poured much energy into throughout our relationship. We are very consistent with our weekly “date nights,” so Valentine’s Day has always felt like just another evening out to us. That being said, I think there is something special about the way the holiday emphasizes love; it can help us slow down and appreciate our significant other, if we allow it to.

    On Me: Max & Co Dress (old, similar here and here), Steve Madden sandals (old, similar here and here) more

  • Beauty

    Hair Tips from a Celebrity Colorist

    When we moved to San Francisco, it was the first time in my life I had to start over with my hair providers. I did a lot of research before settling on Studio 323 in the city, which is where I met my incredible colorist, Jerome.

    To give a background, Jerome worked for many years in Beverly Hills where he received a top-notch education and had the privilege of working at Byron and Tracey salon (a salon with many high-visibility clientele: Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, and Nicole Richie, to name a few). He then ventured out to start Studio 323 by Union Square, which is where I found him. more

  • Travel

    How I Stay Healthy When We Travel

    When we lived in California, I learned first-hand what a toll traveling can take on your body. Because both of our families live on the East Coast, cross-country, day-long flights were the name of the game for a few years.

    Staying healthy can seem like an arduous task when you have early wake up times, airport meal options, and no access to your regular kitchen and gym, making it easy to give into processed food, excess coffee, and packaged meals. In the process of all that cross-country travel, I sort of mastered the art of maintaining as much of my healthy routine as possible on the go, and I hope these tips will help you do the same! more

  • Style

    Five Things Your Friends Have in Common

    When I look at the personalities of my friends, I see a tapestry. Each woman brings her own color and stroke to the canvas of my life, adding beauty in a way only she can. And while I believe God made each of us unique masterpieces, I also believe our core needs are strikingly similar.

    I’ve been friends with extroverts. I’ve been friends with introverts. With artists. With engineers and teachers. Daughters, wives, and mothers. And there’s a strikingly similar pattern of need pulsing through us all. A story we need to be told, over and over. more

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