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  • Beauty Travel

    Beauty for Your Weekend – March 24, 2017

    Filling my weekends with connection in turn fills me with life. Yes, even as an introvert, I find joy in submitting to the cosmic truth that we are created for relationship. This is why children chase fireflies in cul-de-sacs at dusk. It’s why your 9-5 is suddenly less mundane once you befriend those in the cubicles around you. And why a smile from a stranger holds the power to change the course of your day.

    The shedding of our winter coats and caps for spring showers and blooms makes me hopeful for this reason. The world is now spinning towards our summer, and that means longer days and warmer nights are on the horizon. And so are cookouts, picnics, vacations, and much togetherness.


  • Beauty Travel

    Beauty for Your Weekend – March 17, 2017

    Happy Friday! David and I just got home from Washington, D.C., and it was was just the loveliest.

    My two days consisted of:

    1. Snuggling up in the coziest AirBnB this side of the Mississippi.
    2. Graduating from “learn to build a wood burning fire” class (c/o my husband).
    3. Seeing my best friend, Amy, and saying “oh my gossshhh” and “babbyyyy” 1,000 times because she is creating a human.
    4. Risking my life roughly 2x per hour because I thought my Nike training shoes were an appropriate choice for walking. PSA: Do not attempt to be cute when there is black ice involved.

    With that said, here’s some beauty for your weekend:

    • Scenes from D.C. I know I said this already, but this was just lovely. Our AirBnB hostess owns a pie shop in Georgetown with her two sisters called Pie Sisters, and I realized halfway through our stay that they baked the pies for my best friend’s wedding several years ago. Small, sweet world.
    • A dear friend of mine turned me on to the book Soul of Shame. Oh, how I am just reveling in all its truths. I even wrote a blog post about shame and friendship this week. Here’s a quote from the book to whet your palette:

    “We deeply long for connection, to be seen and known for who we are without rejection. But we are terrified of the vulnerability that is required for that very contact. And shame is the variable that mediates that fear of rejection in the face of vulnerability. But in the Trinity we see something that we must pay attention to: God does not leave. The loving relationship shared between Father, Son and Spirit is the ground on which all other models of life and creativity rest. In this relationship of constant self-giving, vulnerable and joyful love, shame has no oxygen to breathe.”


  • Personal

    The Broken Friendship

    Several years ago, I was scrolling through Instagram when I came across a photo of a friend I hadn’t spoken with or seen in a long time.

    And not just any old friend. She was the friend for a season of my life.

    My stomach dropped. I closed the app and set my phone face-down on the sofa. But she remained fixed in my mind.

    Our relationship dissipated for no single reason. There was no blow up conflict, no falling out. We walked through one era together and entered the next apart.

    But should I have written? Called? Was it too late?


  • Beauty Travel

    Beauty For Your Weekend – March 10, 2017

    Welcome to the first installment of Beauty for Your Weekend! Every Friday, I’ll be sharing just that: things, from images and videos to quotes and books, that infused a little beauty into my week. I hope you’ll find some beauty in them, too.

    • We’re having winter whiplash here in the south, with snow expected this weekend. The wind’s been kicking up as the low-pressure storm sweeps in. I turned a corner today and thought I was going to need high powered jets to make it to my car. And then I saw this silly video of a wind-blown (literally) girl in Chicago, and I realized I don’t have it all that bad.
    • I started reading Melanie Shankle’s book on friendship, and I was touched by this quote. Friendship is among the greatest gifts. Something to ponder this weekend.

    There are probably only a handful of times in our lives when someone who will change us forever walks in—when we find someone we can love with our whole hearts, who will challenge us and shape us and make us feel like the world is safer and brighter just because they are in it. A person who loves us for exactly who we are, yet teaches us to be better because of who they are and how they live their life.”


  • Personal

    On Secrets

    I need to be honest. I don’t like revealing my struggles.

    There’s this thing called perfectionism that gets in the way. I’m not even honest with myself at times. If a problem starts to simmer in my life, I put a lid on the pot, walk away, and hope it doesn’t boil over.

    But, inevitably, it does. And it’s never pretty.

    Last year, I met a friend for coffee at our favorite cafe. I was looking forward to sipping my macchiato and enjoying our usual conversations about the beautiful things in life – how God was moving, new opportunities, and upcoming vacations.


  • Faith

    Alas For Those That Never Sing

    Dear blog,

    You’ve been alive for three and a half weeks now, and I haven’t tended you well. I’ve kept you a secret to everyone but David. Hardly anyone knows you exist.

    You see, I’ve been afraid. I want to raise you up the right way and take care of you perfectly. But doing it perfectly has kept me from doing it at all.

    I’ve slid into my beige tufted chair with my warm lemon water and a belly full of toast each morning. I rest my fingertips on the keys and suddenly I feel cold all over; my stomach knots and I am paralyzed by fear and doubt.


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