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    Faith Personal

    If You Listen, They’ll Tell You How to Love

    I stared out the window at the crate myrtles blurring into a thick stroke of pink, the hum of our truck stretching the seconds between his words and my reply.

    “What do you want to do for your birthday?”

    The question shouldn’t have carried much gravity. But we’d just waded through two years dense with change, and I wasn’t where I’d thought I’d be geographically, vocationally, or spiritually when I turned 27.

    A pro at avoiding, I changed the subject by recalling childhood birthdays. They always consisted of a delightfully predictable set of elements: family, dinner, Mom’s fudge cake, and gifts. I never sought the spotlight or asked for slumber parties with Disney movies and nail polish.


    Faith Travel

    Greece Roundup: Photos and Things I Learned

    In May, David and I received a last minute invitation to sail the Aegean Sea for ten days to visit biblical landmarks like Philippi, Corinth, Patmos, and Ephesus. David’s business was in a holding period and I had no plans for June, so we found ourselves asking “Why wouldn’t we go?”

    So we set out for Athens where we’d board the Sea Cloud. For two weeks, we lived in another universe: one where line caught fish appears on your plate at lunch and tiny squares of chocolate on your pillow at night, you can look up and see a creamy white sail pulsing against the backdrop of sun and cerulean water, you’re constantly within footsteps of godly men and women, and paperback books and board games are the entertainment of choice.


    Beauty Faith

    What One Woman Taught Me About Longing

    When David and I lived in California, the neighborhood pool was a short walk from our home. I’d wake at dawn, pour coffee, and hit the water.

    There was nothing unusual about this routine until the Monday I noticed strained, awkward movement one lane over. Wiping the fog from my goggles revealed a flailing silhouette.  I waved at the lifeguard, who tilted his head and twirled his whistle. Was this blatant neglect? Did he see what I saw?

    Moments later, a purple swim cap emerged at the end of the lane. The woman lifted her eyes toward the sunrise and closed them for a moment, her chest rising and falling with a long breath. Then, she stood.



    Three Tools to See Your Calling

    Ten years ago, I started feeling a tug on my heart for the justice of the unborn.

    I wouldn’t have said it that way then. I just thought I was more interested in the miracle of birth than my friends. I shrugged it off as an extension of my love for all things miniature: little hands and feet and noses.

    But as I grew older, patterns emerged.

    Tears welled any time I’d hear or see or read stories about the value of human life. All the injustices of the world seemed to pale in comparison.

    My tears and tenderness were little messengers, sent to say something about what God was sowing in my heart.


    Faith Personal

    When We Want to Linger in the Good Times

    I remember the moment I was “over” high school. It was in my best friend’s car leaving campus for lunch.

    Our daily freedom. Thirty six minutes of it, to be exact.

    It was a warm spring that year. We rolled the windows down and the humid wind waltzed through my hair. For the next half hour, we could be who we wanted and go where we pleased.

    Then and there, I decided I was ready to move on.

    And yet amidst the chatter about breaking free, college acceptance letters, and graduation parties, something was different about the senior class that spring.



    Alas For Those That Never Sing

    Dear blog,

    You’ve been alive for three and a half weeks now, and I haven’t tended you well. I’ve kept you a secret to everyone but David. Hardly anyone knows you exist.

    You see, I’ve been afraid. I want to raise you up the right way and take care of you perfectly. But doing it perfectly has kept me from doing it at all.

    I’ve slid into my beige tufted chair with my warm lemon water and a belly full of toast each morning. I rest my fingertips on the keys and suddenly I feel cold all over; my stomach knots and I am paralyzed by fear and doubt.


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