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    Faith Relationships

    If You Listen, They’ll Tell You How to Love

    I stared out the window at the crate myrtles blurring into a thick stroke of pink, the hum of our truck stretching the seconds between his words and my reply.

    “What do you want to do for your birthday?”

    The question shouldn’t have carried much gravity. But we’d just waded through two years dense with change, and I wasn’t where I’d thought I’d be geographically, vocationally, or spiritually when I turned 27.

    A pro at avoiding, I changed the subject by recalling childhood birthdays. They always consisted of a delightfully predictable set of elements: family, dinner, Mom’s fudge cake, and gifts. I never sought the spotlight or asked for slumber parties with Disney movies and nail polish.


    Faith Relationships

    When We Want to Linger in the Good Times

    I remember the moment I was “over” high school. It was in my best friend’s car leaving campus for lunch.

    Our daily freedom. Thirty six minutes of it, to be exact.

    It was a warm spring that year. We rolled the windows down and the humid wind waltzed through my hair. For the next half hour, we could be who we wanted and go where we pleased.

    Then and there, I decided I was ready to move on.

    And yet amidst the chatter about breaking free, college acceptance letters, and graduation parties, something was different about the senior class that spring.



    Five Things Your Friends Have in Common

    When I look at the personalities of my friends, I see a tapestry. Each woman brings her own color and stroke to the canvas of my life, adding beauty in a way only she can. And while I believe God made each of us unique masterpieces, I also believe our core needs are strikingly similar.

    I’ve been friends with extroverts. I’ve been friends with introverts. With artists. With engineers and teachers. Daughters, wives, and mothers. And there’s a strikingly similar pattern of need pulsing through us all. A story we need to be told, over and over.



    The Broken Friendship

    Several years ago, I was scrolling through Instagram when I came across a photo of a friend I hadn’t spoken with or seen in a long time.

    And not just any old friend. She was the friend for a season of my life.

    My stomach dropped. I closed the app and set my phone face-down on the sofa. But she remained fixed in my mind.

    Our relationship dissipated for no single reason. There was no blow up conflict, no falling out. We walked through one era together and entered the next apart.

    But should I have written? Called? Was it too late?



    On Secrets

    I need to be honest. I don’t like revealing my struggles.

    There’s this thing called perfectionism that gets in the way. I’m not even honest with myself at times. If a problem starts to simmer in my life, I put a lid on the pot, walk away, and hope it doesn’t boil over.

    But, inevitably, it does. And it’s never pretty.

    Last year, I met a friend for coffee at our favorite cafe. I was looking forward to sipping my macchiato and enjoying our usual conversations about the beautiful things in life – how God was moving, new opportunities, and upcoming vacations.


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