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About This Blog

What does it look like to be an idealist living in a broken world? I’ve been asking that question for years, and I hope you’ll come along for the journey.

I believe God made us to see beauty in the every day – in yourself, the life you live, loved ones and strangers, and the world around us. As a dreamer, I get distracted by visions of what should be and miss what God has for me right here, right now – in the every day.

Seeing beauty is about recognizing that what’s truly beautiful doesn’t have to be complicated, glamorous, fit the world’s definition of beauty, or be known to anyone but you.

I’m Natalie, and I write here to help you discover beauty in the every day.

About Natalie

I’m a North Carolina native who graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism.

I accepted a job with Facebook and moved to the Bay area in California when my husband, David, and I were engaged. We were married in 2015 at a lovely vineyard in Charlottesville and spent the first two years of our marriage in the golden state. After a couple years hustling in the tech industry, I decided to pursue creative writing and, at the same time, my husband decided to start a business. We boomeranged back to North Carolina, where I write from a small upper room on a vintage whitewashed desk with at least one candle and always lemon ginger tea.

I’ve been journaling since I can remember; writing simply helps me be more fully me. I love helping others see beauty, encouraging women, cooking nourishing, delicious meals at home, waking up early to steal alone time, autumn, and the pacific coastline.

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