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    Frequently Asked Questions


    “What does a day of healthy meals look like for you?”

    I eat whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, lean protein and filling carbs. We try to cook at home 95% off the time and treat ourselves when we eat out. My protein smoothie is a staple for breakfast. I’ll have two additional meals and a couple of snacks, like greek yogurt, fresh fruit, chopped veggies and hummus, or a favorite protein bar throughout the day. I keep my HydroFlask by my side 24/7!


    “What are your must-have makeup and beauty supplies?”

    After I started a high-quality skincare routine, I felt the freedom to wear less makeup because I was finally confident in my own skin. I truly believe that less is more when it comes to makeup, so I keep mine simple most days. My shortlist of favorite makeup products include under-eye brightener, natural mascara, a neutral eye palette, great blush, creamy nude gloss (Tom Ford Bare, and Tarte Hella are two favorites), and dark brown eyeliner.

    For more beauty recommendations and tips, read my posts in the beauty category.


    “What is your haircare routine?”

    I try to wash my hair only 2-4 times a week but often fail to do so because I workout almost daily. I prefer Oribe products, like this shampoo and this conditioner. For styling, I use both a GHD curling iron and a T3 curling iron, as they have slightly different effects. I use and enjoy the T3 hair dryer but am looking into a Dyson. For more on my hair routine, see this post with tips and tricks from my colorist in San Francisco and this post where I share my 7 tips for growing out long, strong hair.


    “What is your skincare routine?”

    The journey to clear skin I’m confident in has been a long one for me. I wrote a full blog post about my skincare routine here. I’m a proponent of Zo Skin Health products and see my aesthetician regularly.


    “What is your workout routine like in Raleigh?”

    I’ve been athletic since I was a child, so staying active as an adult is important for me to feel whole and happy. I’ve tested and tried practically everything in the last 5-6 years (heavy weightlifting, crossfit, pilates, swimming, running, power walking, boxing, Pure Barre, P. Volve, Barry’s Bootcamp, cycling) and have ultimately come to realize that, just like nutrition, exercise is not one-size-fits-all.

    I find myself always returning to running as my main source of cardio, with power walking and machine cardio (elliptical, etc.) peppered in. I’m also much more fond of lighter- and body-weight workouts because they feel so great on the body.


    “What kind of camera and lense do you use?”

    We use a Canon 5D Mark IV and a 50mm 1.2 lens. I recommend buying used from B&H Photo and Video for a great deal. We hope to add a 35mm lens to the family soon.


    “What did you do before blogging?”

    Before blogging, I worked in digital communications, marketing, and community operations. My job titles varied but the work was somewhat similar, involving project management, writing, editing, research, and design. I feel so strongly that my education and career path prepared me perfectly for blogging, and I’m incredibly grateful for the work opportunities I’ve had to date.


    “How did you get started blogging?”

    I started my blog the year after moving back to North Carolina from California (2017). Having just left a job in technology, I knew I wanted to do something creative but couldn’t put my finger on what it might be. I spent a year writing and attending conferences tailored toward faith-based writing (devotionals, studies, etc.), but I found myself wanting to write about more than my faith. I took an extensive, reputable career test that winter that matched me with many careers I’d already considered, such as reporting, journalism, marketing, and counseling. However, the #1 match from the test was lifestyle blogger. I was resistant for a while because I had a different impression of the industry than I do now. With time and encouragement from friends and family, my views began to shift. Now, every time I create something for you on the blog, I feel such a rush of joy!


    “Where did you go to college and what did you major in?”

    I went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and studied Public Relations within the School of Journalism and Communication. I couldn’t see myself in a traditional PR role, which is what led me into the marketing field after college.


    “What inspires you?”

    Inspiration is all about the spark that makes you want to do what you love in the first place. The sources are endless! Personally, I’ve always been inspired by moving art (movies, books, plays, photographs) and stories where hardship is overcome, the broken becomes beautiful, and the uniqueness and worth of every individual is highlighted. For the blog specifically, I get my inspiration from seasonal colors and vignettes, magazines, french country design, and things that have been on my list to write about or create for a while.