Homes & Spaces that Inspire Me

Since I haven’t shared since our one year home update, I thought I’d bring you up to speed with what we’re working on now. Our downstairs is technically furnished as are my office and our bonus room. The two additional bedrooms upstairs are still sitting pretty with moving boxes and pink walls! It wasn’t until my sister and her husband stayed over Christmas that we got the push to get the upstairs ready to host family and friends.

We’re also working on additions to the living room & sunroom, and we’re capping off our master bedroom and the entryway with mirrors and art that will help the spaces come to life. The piece I’m most excited about is our floor mirror, which you’ll be seeing lots of on Instagram stories once it arrives. We’ve been working with a designer, Betsey Mosby, who has impeccable taste. I can’t wait to see everything come to life!

Living in California has had the greatest impact on our decor style. Something about the air, the sunshine, and the emphasis on outdoor living inspired a patina/farmhouse vibe that I never had before. I’ve always been drawn to old-world elements – scripts, textures, lighting, books – in design as well as a neutral palette, so it’s fun to see my preferences marry in a look that’s at once warm and inviting but vintage and romantic. I can’t wait to share more with you soon, but for now I’ve rounded up home decor pieces inspired by my favorite design styles below.

Patina Style

One of my all-time favorite homes is Patina Farm in Ojai, California. It’s owned by an architect and interior design couple who coined patina style, defining it as “a neutral color palette, a romance with subtlety, an attraction to natural materials and architectural details, both old-world and industrial.” I love the inspiration they take from Belgium and France, their lush gardens, and how there isn’t a clear divide between indoor and outdoor.

Places and Spaces I Love Places and Spaces I Love

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Homes and Spaces that Inspire Me

French Cottage

The second design style that’s inspiring me is french cottage, similar to what you’d see in the countryside in France. I love how the rugged and the organic meet to make homes like this feel so warm, with elements like exposed beams and stone aside cherished vintage pieces. Again, the gardens are some of my favorite aspects of this style!

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Images in this post courtesy of Pinterest and Houzz.