Cute Snow Outfits: What to Wear in the Snow

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Growing up, snow days were something we always looked forward to. They came to symbolize sledding, eating hot food, playing games by the fire, and enjoying the sight and smell of fresh snow. Now that I’m older, I savor snow in a different way but still look forward to pulling out my best winter coats and snow boots to enjoy the day in my best snow outfits.

If you’re wondering what to wear in the snow that’s cute, practical, and comfy, I’ve got you covered. Below, I’m sharing my go-to snow day outfit formula along with alternative winter outfit ideas to make the most of cold weather.

what to wear in the snow
cute snow outfits

My Go-To Cute Snow Outfit

Camel Coat

A great camel coat is my number one recommendation when it comes to deciding what winter outfit to wear in the snow. This is my pick for casual outings, like coffee, groceries, or a friend’s house for game night. I also love this under $150 option by Topshop.

Faux Leather Leggings

I recently bought my first pair of Commando leggings, and they are absolutely worth the hype. They’re warm, the patent sheen makes them look like authentic leather pants, and they’re comfortable. If I were creating a winter fashion capsule wardrobe, these would absolutely be included.

Cashmere Sweater or Hoodie

For this look, I layered a turtleneck sweater and love how the pop of black turned out. I prefer thinner layering long sleeve sweaters to chunky knits for snow day outfits. This way, I don’t look too bulky once I add my coat overtop. 

Snow Boots

Finding a pair of winter boots that are flattering and keep you warm can be a challenge. I absolutely love this pair. They have faux shearling detail, are easy to get in and out of, and toasty but not too hot. They’ve kept my feet comfortable in snowy day weather with temperatures as low as 12 degrees. Uggs are another great option if the snow isn’t too deep, and I absolutely love this neutral pair by Sorel.

Mittens and a Beanie

Though not pictured, I have a pair of touchscreen gloves from J.Crew that I swear by. If your fingers tend to get cold easily, consider a pair of cute mittens you can stash in your handbag. This beanie by Blue & Cream is a new favorite of mine; it’s oversized, cozy, and perfectly slouchy. This is a cute pom pom option.

snow outfits
snow outfits

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What to Wear in the Snow

Snow Day Outerwear

  • Go with a winter white wool coat for a classy snow outfit outer layer that’s also unique.
  • I like to wear puffer jacket or puffer coat, like this one from Amazon or this one by Free People, if it’s actively snowing or if I plan on being active.
  • I wore a faux fur jacket on our anniversary trip to Aspen and styled it casually here. Faux fur coats can be affordable (see here and here) and look chic with skinny jeans, jumpsuits, and skirts.
  • A high-quality parka that’s waterproof is key for dangerously cold temperatures. This is my investment pick (I wore in NYC a few winters ago), and I love this affordable option by Zara.
  • This layering cardigan is perfect when you’re by the fire on a snowy day. Pair with a t-shirt and sweatpants.

Snow Boots and Booties

  • These waterproof snow boots from Nordstrom are by far my favorite. See them up close in this pic.
  • These rain boots are a water-resistant option if it only snows once or twice where you live.
  • Shearling hiking boots and combat boots are trending, and they’re a nice day-after snowfall choice as they’re somewhat insulating.
  • Suede booties and knee-high boots aren’t ideal in snow, slush, and sleet, but if you’ve waterproofed yours you can break them out.

There you have it! I hope this inspires you to get out and enjoy the cold winter wonderland however you please! For more winter styling and outfit inspiration from my fashion blog, see my 10 winter wardrobe essentials, how to combine textures for eye-catching winter looks, and my winter coat edit.

Looking for skiing or snowboarding outfit inspo? Check back later this week for a post on everything I wear to to snowboard, including my go-to ski wear, snow pants, ski pants, apres-ski winter shoes, and merino wool base layers.