A Fresh Look at Hair Accessories

An All-Neutral Look for Spring

I’ll never forget standing in my bathroom as a 10 year old and attempting to pin my hair up in a clip for the first time. It was my first foray into feminine hairstyles after years mirroring my brother’s every move as a tomboy. Oftentimes, I think women limit their hair accessories to scrunchies and hair ties that keep strands out of the way, but there are so many beautiful hair accessories that are feminine, polished, and sophisticated. They can tie together the colors in an outfit, make a bold statement, or simply add a soft finishing touch. Below I’m sharing some of my favorite hair accessories to add interest to your hairstyle.



I love adding a barrette to a low ponytail or half-up style. I usually go for a gold clip, like my $12 open-frame one, or choose a color that coordinates with my outfit, like this pink rectangle one. I love the seashell detail of this one for summer.

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Hair Scaves

Hair scarves are probably the most timeless of the bunch. They’re so easy to wrap around a ponytail, and many are made with built-in ties so that they stay put all day. I love the lace trim detail on this one.

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If I opt for a headband, I try to keep the rest of my outfit simple, especially if the band has embellished details. I love the simplicity and the tie back detail of this affordable satin headband.

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Slides & Bobbi Pins

Probably my favorite hair accessory, these are both functional and pretty. I’ll reach for a set when I want to pull a lot of hair out of the way or a single slide with more detail when I want to make a statement.

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Clips & Claws

A claw clip was the first hair accessory I ever owned! There are so many more stylish options these days (this one is $10) than what you’d find at Sally Beauty Supply or CVS. These are a great anchor to hold your hair in place for hours.

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