10 Fall Beauty Buys I’m Using on Repeat

Fall Beauty Buys

Fall Beauty Buys I’m Using on Repeat

As someone who’s inspired by a new season, fall brings a familiar comfort that somehow makes simple moments better. This time of year is all about tapping into the senses, and one of the ways I do that is with a beauty refresh.

I have some longtime favorites I like to resurrect in fall, like this pumpkin mask (it’s not overtly pumpkin but spiced and relaxing).

I’ve also become obsessed with the Laneige lip mask after my sister convinced me how much she loved hers. It gives my lips a hydrated base for any lip color when I use it overnight.

Since I’m already losing my summer tan, this bronzing mousse gives my body a little color and the combination of this blush in picante and this bronzer in sunkissed helps my face look more awake and healthy.

Here are a few more fall beauty buys I’m obsessed with at the moment!

Hair Ties:

I became hooked on these hair ties a few years ago and now they’re the only ones I use. They’re so much more comfortable than traditional ponytail holders yet stay secure. I see so much less breakage with these, less “lines,” and they’re not too tight around my wrists.


I’ve shared Elta MD before but it is the only sunscreen I’ve found on the market that doesn’t break my face out. It’s easy to be diligent about sunscreen in summertime, but I’m trying to bring that habit into the fall and winter, too, when UV damage is just as prevalent.

Dyson Straightener:

My blow dryer and curler are on rotation all year round, but I recently re-introduced my Airwrap and cordless straightener and forgot how wonderful both are. I keep the settings cool to prevent breakage and will often use the straightener to eliminate frizz and create beachy waves.

Self Tanner:

I don’t use self tanner on my face (tends to be splotchy), but the St. Tropez tanner and the Bondi Sands tanner are the only products I’ve found to give a natural glow to my body with absolutely no orange undertone.


The NuFace is my favorite at-home skin device because it actually WORKS. I have the mini and use it daily to depuff and contour my skin. This is a great starter kit that includes the gel.

Lip Mask:

This is the best lip product around around to prevent dry, cracked lips. I like to apply it at night so that I wake up in the morning with a hydrated, plump base for whatever lip product I’m using. It smells great and isn’t sticky.

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask:

Since I have a history of acne, I tend to steer clear of any skin product my aesthetician doesn’t directly suggest for my face, but this mask is an exception because I absolutely love it. I like to create a little at-home spa situation with a robe, slippers, and candle and apply it on a night in.

Cheek Combo:

I’ve been loving a combination of this blush in picante and this bronzer in sunkissed for a natural, flush pop as my summer color fades. This is actually the exact combination that Sofia Richie Grainge’s makeup artist used in her wedding makeup!

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