4 Secrets for Eye-Catching Winter Outfits


Whether in fashion, interiors, or film, there’s a magical quality to well-done aesthetics. They have the ability to capture our attention, and oftentimes it’s hard to articulate why we’re drawn to something—from the light-filled kitchen you earmark in a magazine to an outfit on Pinterest that makes you stop scrolling.

No matter how effortless something seems, there’s always a method behind what makes it so appealing. With regard to style, colors, textures, shapes, and layers work together to create a look that is truly eye-catching.


That may sound intimidating, but it’s a good thing! It means that, with a little effort, you can easily learn how to take your outfits to the next level.

I’ve talked about the power of color here and here, but for cold-weather style, TEXTURE is the element that has the most impact.

Keep reading to learn how to take your winter looks from cute to refined using four classic textures.



My love for cable knits began the first time I saw Cameron Diaz in the “The Holiday” (see here and here). Practically a riff on a hand-knitted blankets, cable knit cardigans and sweaters have a pretty pattern that draws the eye and a dense look that gives them an air of quality.

If it’s your first foray into cable, I recommend a classic cable sweater to pair with inky jeans or a silk skirt. The one I’m pictured wearing is $35 but feels and looks very luxurious, and I also love this gray option.

Not into cable sweaters? Try a well-made cable scarf or a simple woven beanie. More favorite styles linked below…



Faux fur cuts through the cold with a supple look of warmth and comfort. Today, there are mules, slippers, cardigans, and even shoulder bags made with this material, but I like to keep faux fur pieces within the bounds of what’s considered classic, which means outerwear.

While I have splurged on faux fur jackets in the past, you certainly don’t have to to achieve that wrapped look. This cropped faux fur jacket is under $100, and this mid-length coat is perfect for layering over thicker sweaters.

More of my favorite faux fur pieces from this season in the widget below (listed lowest to highest)…



Leather is admittedly the winter texture that I own the least of, as it usually lends an edgier vibe than the classic, feminine look I prefer.

However, I do recommend that every woman have a pair of leather or coated pants on hand for winter.

Leather adds a gloss that helps you stand out on a dull winter day, and it’s very warm. I have this pair in chocolate brown and this pair in black. See below for a few more styles I recommend…


People overlook velvet for fear of accidentally looking like they just walked off the set of “That 70’s Show.” Yes, too much of it can have that effect, but a carefully chosen velvet top, pant, or accessory looks festive and sophisticated—not groovy.

Try incorporating this rich fabric in smaller doses, such as a simple headband (in my cart) or pair of flats. If you’re bold, opt for velvet pants and tone down their effect with a chunky sweater for balance.

For an even subtler touch, try a barrette or tiny clutch. A few of my favorite velvet pieces below…

My Outfit Details

For this look, I combined three cold-weather textures above for the ultimate cozy, wintery aesthetic. Here’s where you can find the pieces pictured:

There you have it! I hope these texture tips help you elevate your cold weather looks with things that you, most likely, already have sitting in your closet.

Let me know how you plan to use texture this season in the comments here or on Instagram!