How to Wear Blue and Yellow Together: Blue and Outfit Ideas

How to Wear Blue and Yellow Together

As the years go by, I keep challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone and embrace more color in my wardrobe. One easy way I’ve done this is by trying palettes that reflect the current season (festive hues in the winter, pastels in the spring, etc.). A color combination I’ve been loving in late summer is blue and yellow.

Blue and yellow outfits are unexpected but inspire a certain feeling of calm, which feels like a safe place to land when swinging away from the neutrals we all know and love. Blue is a tried and true (I love just about every shade), and I’ve found that softer, buttery or golden yellows help me incorporate a stereotypically bold color in a gentle way.

Below, I’m sharing yellow and blue outfit inspiration and some tips to keep in mind when wearing these sunny and calming colors together.

Blue and Yellow Outfit
How to Wear Blue and Yellow Together

How to Wear Blue and Yellow Together

Start with a Focal Point to Build Your Outfit Around

Starting with one item that will anchor the look. Whether it’s a striking blouse in end of summer blues or a vibrant yellow skirt, begin by building your look around a piece you know for sure you want to include. I anchored my look above with a printed ikat blue skirt and paired it with a coordinating muted yellow top, allowing the print to pop.

Balance the Intensity of the Shades

Blue and yellow are already complementary shades, but balancing the intensity of the colors you choose will create a visually harmonious outfit. Examples of blues and yellows that work together are navy and good, mustard yellow and navy, marigold and indigo, light blue and pastel yellow, royal blue and champagne, and teal and ochre.

Use Prints Strategically

One of my personal favorite ways to pair colors together is by starting with a print that incorporates both. Floral prints, stripes, or geo designs are a few examples. This looks great when you have accessories that echo an exact tone in the print. But if you don’t see anything in your wardrobe that feels right, neutral shoes and bags are a safe bet.

Play with Textures

Different textures can add depth and interest to a blue and yellow outfit. An obvious blue to include is denim. But fabrics like silk, cotton, and suede can also add richness to the look. In my look above, the yellow and blue pieces are cotton, so I added contrast via texture with my favorite raffia bag and leather sandals.

Blue and Yellow Outfits

A Print that Incorporates Blue and Yellow

Printed pieces that incorporate the two colors and an easy way to wear this combination. The tones should already feel harmonious, so all that’s left for you to do is pair coordinated separates and accessories. Or, if it’s a dress, just grab a handbag and shoes in a neutral tone.

Blue and Yellow Separates

My look includes an indigo ruffle cotton skirt and a sleeveless crop top. The natural bag and strappy sandals bring the look home and help it feel especially summery. For a casual look, you could pair a printed skirt back to a simple t-shirt with sandals. For the office, try classic navy trousers and a gold silk blouse. There are endless options!

Dresses with Coordinating Accessories

If you’re wearing a yellow dress, you can try adding blue accessories. This is an easy outfit formula because it almost always works as long as the yellow and blue hues match in vibrancy. The same goes for a blue dress with yellow accessories. Don’t be afraid to play with layers, like blazers and cardigans, jewelry, handbags, and footwear to incorporate a pop. The handcrafted pieces made by Nicole Rose Jewelry are truly unique. I like gold because I can sell gold jewellery Adelaide when I need cash.

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How to Wear Blue and Yellow Together: Blue and Outfit Ideas