Celine Belt Bag Review: Is It Worth It?

Natalie Yerger Celine Belt Bag Review
Celine Belt Bag on Arm

Over the past couple of years I’ve been stepping up my handbag collection with the goal of introducing quality and longevity into my wardrobe. My most recent designer bag addition is the Celine Belt Bag, and today I wanted to share a comprehensive review.

I’d seen the Belt Bag on bloggers and celebrities over the years, but began considering it when I decided to invest in a mid-size, neutral everyday bag. We visited the Celine Boutique on a trip to Miami, and I had every intention of leaving with the Mini (there are four sizes) but went with the Micro in light taupe (more on why below).

In this Celine Belt Bag review, I’m sharing pros and cons, size and color options, what fits inside, and answers to FAQs. This should have all the info you need to decide if it’s a worthwhile investment piece for your wardrobe, but feel free to leave a comment with any additional questions you have!

Front of Celine Belt Bag
Back of Celine Belt Bag with Strap

Celine Belt Bag Review

I love my Celine Micro Belt Bag. In fact, I love it so much that a second Celine Belt Bag (the black Nano option) is currently on my wishlist.

The clean lines feel great for everyday wear while the draping leather belt gives it a bit of flourish. I love that the branding is minimal, with just a small embossed Celine signature on the front.

This taupe grained calfskin bag is beautiful and feels durable. The light taupe shade goes with both colorful and neutral outfits in warm and cool tones.

The internal zipper and magnetic closure make the bag feel very secure. The closure took a bit to learn, but becomes second nature after a few tries. I often leave the closure undone (similar to how Hermes Kelly bags are often seen carried), and my valuables feel secure with it zipped. It’s very easy to get things in and out of.

The internal zipper and magnetic closure make the bag feel very secure. The closure took a bit to learn, but becomes second nature after a few tries. I often leave the closure undone (similar to how Hermes Kelly bags are often seen carried), and my valuables feel secure with it zipped. It’s very easy to get things in and out of.

As far as sizing, I’m so glad I went with the Micro size over the Mini as, even at 5’9″, the Mini overwhelmed my frame. The Micro fits my daily essentials with extra room to spare and can be handheld, worn as a crossbody, or worn on the shoulder for versatility.

My only two complaints are that I wish the taupe was a hair warmer (more beige) and that all Belt Bag sizes had feet.

Would I buy this handbag again? 100% yes. I love the size, color, and function. I highly recommend a Celine Belt Bag if you want an everyday designer handbag with a classic aesthetic.

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Natalie Yerger wearing Brochu Walker sweater MOTHER jeans Larroude platform heels Celine Micro Belt Bag
Celine Micro Belt Bag on Shoulder

Pros & Cons


  • Magnetic closure and zipper feel secure
  • Easy to get things in and out of
  • High-quality grained leather looks luxe and is difficult to scratch
  • Classic style with clean lines and minimal branding


  • Suede interior easy to damage with liquids, makeup, etc.
  • Magnetic closure takes a bit to get used to
  • Gold feet only available on the Celine Mini Belt Bag size

Celine Belt Bag Sizes

The Celine Belt Bag collection includes four sizes: Mini, Micro, Nano, and Pico (largest to smallest).

The size offerings can be confusing! Honestly, I didn’t get it until I saw them in store (I’m very visual).

I have the Micro, which is the second largest size. The Mini is one step up in size. The Nano size is smaller than the Micro, and the Pico is smaller than the Nano.

All four are made of durable grained calfskin and have a top handle and strap (strap varies in length for each size). The removable strap for the Mini is 14″ long, so it’s meant to be a shoulder bag. The removable shoulder straps for the Micro, Nano, and Pico range from 18″-23″ long (Nano and Pico straps are adjustable), so they can be worn crossbody.

You can find full size information and current pricing on the Celine website under their Belt Bag section.

Belt Bag Sizes: Pico (top left), Nano (top right), Micro (bottom left), Mini (bottom right)

Celine Belt Bag Sizes

Images via Fashionphile

Color Options

The Belt Bags are available in black, grey, light taupe (my color), and amazone (dark navy blue). Celine also releases limited edition seasonal colors, such as sage, olive, and washed blue.

I think the light taupe is the most versatile. However, it does read more grey to me. While it has a warm undertone, it isn’t a true beige/taupe and may feel a tad cool for a small handful of looks, but it’s hardly noticeable.

Celine Belt Bag Colors

Where to Buy It

I purchased my Celine Belt Bag Micro from the Celine Boutique in the Miami Design District as a gift to myself for reaching a work-related milestone. It was such a special experience!

Trying on the bags, seeing the color options, and feeling the quality of the leather/strap/handle made me even more sure about the purchase. I highly recommend shopping in person at a boutique if possible so that you can try on all the sizes. You may be surprised which one works for your figure and hits you at the right spot.

You can buy the Celine Belt Bags new online at Celine.com and 24S.com. As an alternative to new, you can buy pre-owned from a luxury consignment shop. I’ve heard great things about TheRealReal, Julia Rose Boston, and Fashionphile.

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Natalie Yerger Side of Celine Micro Belt Bag
Natalie Yerger Holding Celine Micro Belt Bag by Top Handle

Celine Belt Bag Alternatives

If you’re not quite ready to splurge on the Celine Belt Bag, there are a few options out there for less to browse. See the widget below for mid-range bags that are similar to the Celine in size, shape, color, or all three.

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What Fits In the Celine Belt Bag?

The bag fits more than I thought it would! It has a single compartment without any separators.

I don’t carry much on a day to day basis, but here’s everything I can fit inside:

  • Small wallet or card case
  • Small clear storage pouch with lip products (balms, pencils, etc.), mini Jo Malone perfume, and small hand cream
  • iPhone
  • Sunglasses in a case
  • Keys on keyring
  • Jo Malone mini perfume

Any Belt Bag Alternatives for Less You Recommend?

There aren’t too many bags on the market in this exact shape. The closest I’ve found is the Senreve Maestra which, like the Belt Bag, comes in several colors and sizes.

Any Issues with Color Transfer?

I wear all shades of denim and haven’t had an issue with dark jeans transferring onto the bag.

Will It Fit a Laptop?

I have a 13″ MacBook Pro and it doesn’t fit inside the Micro. Going off dimensions alone, it could technically fit inside the Mini size. However, these bags aren’t designed to hold tablets or laptops, so I don’t recommend them as laptop work bags.

Does It Hold Its Shape?

I haven’t owned mine long enough to notice slouching, but I do anticipate the structure will soften over time. When I see Celine Belt Bag preowned listings, the status of the structure is often included in the item’s description. To prevent slouching, I recommend stuffing it when it’s not in use.

Is the Celine Belt Bag a Classic?

The Celine Belt Bag has been trending since about 2017 and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

While it may not fall in the ranks of a Chanel Quilted, Hermes Kelly, or Hermes Birkin, when I think “classic,” I think of shapes, colors, and fabrics that won’t go out of style, and the Belt Bag checks all those boxes, especially if you get a Micro or Mini size in a neutral color.

I think you’ll still see people wearing Belt Bags in 5-10 years.

I hope this Celine Belt Bag review gave you clarity about whether it’s right for your wardrobe! If there’s something I didn’t cover that you want to know about the bag, please don’t hesitate to leave a question in a comment below.

Celine Belt Bag Review: Is It Worth It?Celine Belt Bag Review: Is It Worth It?Celine Belt Bag Review: Is It Worth It?