My Honest Review of Common Projects Sneakers

common projects sneakers review

One of my favorite things to share is product reviews, especially for luxury items. Ever since I started to write reviews, I’ve received requests to review my Common Projects sneakers, so I’m excited to finally bring that to the blog today!

If you’re not familiar with Common Projects, it’s a luxury footwear company that specializes in sneakers. The shoes are hand-stitched in Italy and have a sleek, minimal aesthetic. I was immediately drawn to the clean, simple silhouette and had been looking for a minimalist white sneaker for everyday when I bought my pair.

So let’s jump in! See below for my honest review of my Common Projects Achilles leather sneakers with thoughts on whether they’re worth the price point and notes on sizing, break in time, and how to style them.

Are Common Projects Worth It?

If you’re a sneaker enthusiast and want to invest in one pair of comfortable, minimalist white sneakers that go with everything, yes, Common Projects Original Achilles sneakers are worth it. 

These really are the perfect leather sneaker for the minimalist. The quality, softness, and durability of the Italian leather is obvious right when you unbox them. The design is long and narrow, which I find flattering. The branding is subtle yet elevated, with little details like crisp stitching and gold numbers on the side that help them look a step above your average white shoe.

They fit like a glove and are a classic closet staple that won’t go out of style, unlike my Golden Goose sneakers. I found them comfortable from day one. I really don’t have anything negative to say about these shoes and highly recommend them.

Style & Design

The Original Achilles is Common Projects’ most popular style. It’s a low top with a classic feel.

The shoe has an Italian leather upper and lining, white laces, and a 1” rubber margin sole. The side is stamped in gold foil with a serial code that indicates when and where it was made.

The Original Achilles Leather Sneakers are available in white, cream, gray, black, and brown.

Fit & Sizing

Luxury shoes fitting can be tricky since most come in non-US sizes (no half sizes), so you’re probably wondering whether to size up or size down.

Common Projects sneakers are only available in European sizing (full sizes). If you’re in between, I’d suggest sizing up. I have wide feet and am a true size 10 US. I bought 40 EU and they’re perfect.

Most online retailers have a sizing chart if you’re not able to try them on in person.


I wore my Common Projects out of the store and found them fairly comfortable, but I recommend 3-5 wears before you walk distances in them as they take a bit to break in. I wore them for a photoshoot the same day and found my toes getting irritated a little.

Now that the toe box has loosened, I can walk 2-3 miles no problem. I typically wear no show socks as I don’t find the need for inserts or added cushioning thanks to the quality of the shoe and the softness of the leather.

are common projects sneakers comfortable
blogger wearing common projects achilles sneakers outfit

Shop My Exact Pair of Common Projects Here

Common Projects Alternatives

I’ve yet to find a perfect ‘dupe’ of Common Projects for less, but I own these more affordable pairs of white sneakers and highly recommend both:

If you’re interested in an alternative luxury sneakers, check out my Golden Goose sneaker review.

Common Projects Sneakers Outfits

One of the best things about Common Projects is that the simple design and comfortable construction make them practical for a wide variety of outfits.

I’ve worn them with with midi and mini dresses, skirts, shorts, and jeans. I think you could even pull them off at the office.

common projects achilles outfit with dress
are common projects sneakers worth it
common projects sneakers fall outfit
common projects sneakers summer outfit
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common projects white sneaker review
are common projects sneakers worth it
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Do Common Projects Crease?

I haven’t had any serious issues with my pair of Common Projects creasing, but if your shoelaces are tied too tight or you ordered a shoe that’s too small for your foot, the shoes may crease. 

I’ve heard of alternative ways of lacing your shoes (shown in this video) to reduce creasing and spread the tension of the laces throughout the shoe. I haven’t tried the method yet but it does seem to work!

How Long Do They Last?

I’ve owned my Common Projects for just over one year as of May 2022 and they’re in perfect condition. When I was researching the shoes prior to purchase, I read reviews of people having their pair of shoes for 5+ years and still wearing them often.

I try to take good care of mine to ensure they last a long time. A few minor things I’ve found helpful are untying the laces when I remove the shoes to protect the tongue and cleaning them regularly.

Common Projects vs. Golden Goose

common projects vs golden goose sneakers

One of the most common questions I get asked is how my Golden Goose Superstars compare to my Common Projects Achilles and which I prefer, and it’s so hard to answer. They’re both comfortable, but if I had to choose, I’d say that Golden Goose has the edge in the comfort department due to the wider footbed (remember that I have wide feet).

Golden Goose is more flashy and makes a statement, and the shape of the shoe and slight elevation of the heel makes them even more flattering than the Common Projects if we’re using ‘flattering’ in a traditional way to refer to looking taller and leaner.

However, if I had to choose between the two, I’d pick Common Projects every time. To me, the quality of the leather, laces, and shoe materials as a whole is superior. And more importantly, they go with literally everything in my wardrobe, can dress up and down, and look timeless.

How to Clean Common Projects Sneakers

I don’t mind the look of worn in Common Projects, but it’s always good to give them TLC, especially if they’re scuffed or scratched.

Usually I just use a clean cloth to wipe down my Common Projects shoes.

If I’m going to give them a deep clean, I use a towel, shoe cleaner, and a brush. To clean:

  1. Start by removing the laces to make cleaning the leather upper easier.
  2. Wipe them down with the towel to remove any loose dirt.
  3. Apply this cleaner to a brush, and clean the shoe, starting with the outsoles, working up to the upper, then to the tongue.
  4. Wipe them down with the towel and leave them out to dry overnight.