Fall 2022 Fashion Trends: What’s In & What’s Out

fall 2022 fashion trends

Coats, sweaters, and jeans are front and center at my local boutiques, and I think it’s safe to say most of us are ready for the seasonal shift! We have a while before consistent brisk days, but with new collections dropping, I wanted to share a guide to fall 2022 fashion trends.

Knowing what’s trending is a) fun and b) may give you ideas to spice up your looks. Trends are about taking what’s in and making it your own rather than being exact. Here are the trending styles for fall 2022!

fall 2022 fashion trends
fall fashion trends 2022

Fall 2022 Fashion Trends: What’s In

1. Leather But More

Leather will forever be a classic fall texture, but this year’s runway iteration expands on the staples. You’ll see leather tops, dresses, blazers, and trench coats in addition to your leather pants and moto leather jackets.

2. All Black

Black is back after several seasons of focus on bright colors. If you think “grunge” or “edgy” when you think about all-black outfits, remember that you can give it feminine or classic spin using textures and silhouettes. For example, a black puff sleeve top with slim straight leg jeans and black ankle boots, or a black fall maxi dress with a black satin headband and black slingback pumps.

3. Trousers and Cargo Pants

This is the hardest 2022 fall clothing trend to style. Trousers lean baggy and masculine, so they need a fitted counterpart for balance. I picked up a pair of cargo trousers this summer and may try them with heeled boots, a white tank, and a tailored blazer. You could also try a drapey pair for an elegant take on the trend.

4. Maxi Lengths

Mini dresses and skirts were in for spring 2022 but for fall and winter, full-length skirts and dresses are it. I love this as we look ahead to the holidays. I’m seeing maxi dresses with cropped blazers and printed maxi skirts with coordinating blouses and boots.

5. Classically Feminine Details

Romance in the form of bows, puff sleeves, empire waistlines, corsets, babydoll dresses, and smocking is in full force. Think Bridgerton but 2022. Contemporary brands will nail this (namely Rebecca Taylor, Ulla Johnson, Zimmermann, Sea New York), but I’ve seen romantic pieces landing at Zara and MANGO at lower price points too.

6. 90s Minimalism

This trend combines separates from the ’90s, like straight leg jeans, white tank tops, longline cardigans, and polo-style knits, into one look. Think a minimalist Rachel Green in her preppy years on Friends without the prints and color.

7. Equestrian Style

The equestrian aesthetic is always present for fall in some form, but it’s more prominent this year. Single-breasted jackets, knee-high boots (always a favorite of mine), and slim-fit trousers are the highlights.

8. Boxy Outerwear

I am personally ready for the oversized trend to exit, but it’s hanging around this fall in the form of boxy blazers, wide-cut bomber jackets, and flight jackets. If you go oversized, keep your base layers fitted, especially at the waist. Cropped, oversized jackets like this, this, and this are my favorite riff on this trend.

9. Caramel Tones

I shared this season’s color trends (everything from cerulean blue to hot pink) in this reel, but the standout is caramel! It’s everywhere and in everything, from wool coats and sweaters, to office-friendly dresses, suede tote bags, and knit dresses.

10. Fur Statement Coats

Faux fur is back by way of robe-style, midi-length statement coats. I’m not sure if I’ll dip my toes in the robe trend, but I do have a few faux fur pieces that I’ll happily bring back this winter.

fall fashion trends 2022
fall fashion 2022

Fall 2022 Fashion Trends: What’s Out

Take this section on what’s out of style for fall 2022 with a grain of salt. There’s no need to purge your closet of any of these things if you love them! If something made this list, it just means it’s not fashion forward right now and brands are producing less of it. Remember, fashion is cyclical, so don’t eliminate all things pre-xyz unless it doesn’t resonate with your personal style anymore.

  • Skinny Jeans: We’re still on the loose jeans bandwagon, but I’ll be keeping at least a few pairs of skinny jeans to style with knee high boots. For my skinny jean lovers, slim straight jeans like this and this are a great way to warm up to the trend.
  • Tunic Sweaters: The Free People style, loose, ribbed tunic sweaters are a thing of the past. This was the Pinterest Uniform in 2015/2016 (tunic sweater, suede hat, riding boots, skinny jeans). It’s safe to say that is officially out.
  • Riding Boots: Riding boots are arguably classic for fall, but they’re not trending. Knee high styles like this (my favorite pair ever) are in style. I’d focus your dollars on a heeled leather knee-high pair if you want an updated look this season.
  • Fall Prints: We’re seeing less and less leopard, python, plaid, checks and camo. These were everywhere a few years ago. It doesn’t mean you can’t wear any , but they’ll be an accent rather than the main attraction.

Do any of these fall fashion trends resonate with you? What are you seeing in your local boutiques and at your favorite online retailers? I’d love to hear in the comments!

fall fashion 2022
Fall 2022 Fashion Trends: What\'s In & What\'s Out