How to Style a Black Dress for Summer

how to style a black dress for summer

I love crisp white and light, sheer styles this time of year just as much as the next girl, but at some point I’m bound to return to an old favorite: the black summer dress. When I have a tan and my hair is lightened from the sun, a black dress is one of my feel-good pieces. Black summer dresses can be tricky to find and wear, since black tends to attract heat and can read a little heavy. If you’ve been wondering how to style a black dress for summer, I’m sharing 3 tips and a selection of current favorites below.

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how to wear a black dress in the summer

How to Style a Black Dress in the Summer

Find a Breathable Fabric

The key to finding black clothes that stand up to the head of summer is the fabrication. It’s true that black naturally attracts more heat, but a black dress outfit with the right textiles can be breathable and lightweight.

The main fabrics to check the tag or description for are cotton, tencel, linen, rayon, silk, and chambray. Nylon, acrylic, and polyester-heavy blends will retain more heat.

how to wear a black dress in summer

Lighten Up the Look with Neutrals or Color

Once you have a dress in a lightweight fabric, the next step is to make it summery. Black is a moody color, and a head-to-toe black look reads heavy, so we want to soften it with neutrals.

Shoes are an easy place to start. Tan or white sandals, slides, or mules go great with a black summer dress.

Then, lighten the look even more with soft neutral accessories, like the wrap I’m wearing above.

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Add Seasonal Texture

Once you’ve added seasonal shoes and a neutral accessory, your black dress outfit should be feeling nice and summery. To polish things off and make the outfit scream summertime, add a seasonal texture.

Anything woven really has the power to make the outfit look like it was made for summer. A straw hat, a woven headband, a raffia belt, and raffia earrings are examples that will bring that summer feel home.

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black summer dress outfit
how to style a black dress for summer
how to style a black summer dress
How to Style a Black Dress for Summer