How to Style a Slip Dress

how to style a slip dress

I’ve been a fan the slip dress for as long as I can remember. With their simple silhouettes and elegant sheens, slip dresses are a timeless addition to any wardrobe regardless of lifestyle or shape. And with a little know how, they can be worn year-round in everything from casual looks to office outfits and dressy outings.

With fall on the horizon and the to-do list of busier schedules impending, a slip dress is an easy option that will never disappoint. Here’s how to style your slip dress no matter the season, setting, or occasion and a selection of my favorite slip dresses.

How to Wear a Slip Dress

The flirty feel of a slip dress may have you keeping it on reserve for dressier looks, but slip dresses are very adaptable. They can take on a casual, professional, whimsical, or formal vibe when styled well.

Here are 6 slip dress outfit ideas:

1. Casual

Dressing down a slip dress is as easy as throwing on casual shoes, and one of the best year-round options is white sneakers.

This looks best with slips that have a slit to balance the masculine feel of the sneakers.

Add a seasonal layer, like a moto jacket in fall or white jean jacket in spring, to finish off the look.

slip dress outfit

2. Dressed Up

Most slip dresses are made from a luxe fabric, so it doesn’t take much to dress them up.

In spring and summer, try flat or heeled dressy sandals and an evening bag. I love to layer a white blazer over mine for the A/C.

In fall and winter, try a cropped blazer or moto jacket, pumps or stiletto booties, and a dressy leather or suede bag.

slip dress style

3. For Summer and Spring

I love to pair my slip dresses with natural textures in summer, like a straw tote or canvas crossbody and woven sandals.

These contrast the elevated vibe of the dress to create a relaxed, casual look.

If you need a layer, thrown on an unbuttoned button down or drape a summer sweater over your shoulders.

how to style a slip dress

4. For Fall and Winter

Styling a slip dress for fall and winter is all about one thing: layers. In early fall, throw on a classic white tee over your dress, knotted at the front, with sneakers, mules, or flats.

As it cools off, swap the tee for a moto jacket, blazer, or duster cardigan and slip on your favorite booties.

You can also treat the slip dress like a skirt and wear a sweater over the top as I did here. Sweaters that are cropped or cinched at the waist are ideal to prevent your figure from disappearing.

how to wear a slip dress

5. For a Wedding

If there’s one thing a slip dress is amazing for, it’s wedding guest looks. You’ll never have “nothing to wear” to an event when a classic slip dress is sitting pretty in your wardrobe.

Moody hues and dark florals are best for fall and winter, while bright florals and light colors work for spring and summer.

Complete the look with heels, a special occasion clutch, sparkly jewelry, and a shawl.

how to wear a slip dress

6. For the Office

In some cases, a slip dress can be worn to the office. This is especially true if your company’s dress code leans casual. Always err on the side of modest by starting with a midi or maxi slip dress with a round neck and no slits. Finish off your slip dress office outfit with a blazer in a seasonal fabric and work-appropriate shoes.

Shop Slip Dresses

If you’re looking for a slip dress to add to your wardrobe, I think this Vince satin slip dress is the absolute best bang for your buck on the market. It runs true to size.

How to Style a Slip Dress

Here are three styling tips to help make your slip dresses a closet staple year-round.

Pick the Right One

Whether you’re shopping for your first slip dress or deciding which to wear, considering setting is crucial. For work and day, a modest length and neckline is best. A midi or maxi length and round neck or cowl neck give the distinction that the slip is a piece to wear out, not lingerie.

Beyond this, I think the best slip dresses feature two things: a neutral color and a bias cut. A neutral will go with everything, and bias cuts are essential because they offer fit in the waist and room in the skirt for easier movement.


The secret to making your slip dress seasonless is layering. Slip dresses are thin and require no layer in summer, but you can wear a dress in spring, fall, and winter by adding on.

Cardigans, leather jackets, moto jackets, denim jackets, trench coats, and sweaters all look great over a slip dress.

Wear the Right Undergarments

I like to wear a strapless bra under most of my slip dresses. If your slip dress is low cut, try out nippy tape or these nipple covers that I wear with almost everything in the summer.

If your slip dress has a tendency to show every little nook and cranny, these seamless thongs are great.

What Is a Slip Dress?

A slip dress is a lightweight dress with spaghetti straps that resembles a slip undergarment but is meant to be worn as a dress. Slip dresses are often made from luxe fabrics like chiffon, linen, satin, and silk. They vary in length, neckline cut, and of course, color.

how to style slip dress
slip dress outfit
How to Style a Slip DressHow to Style a Slip DressHow to Style a Slip DressHow to Style a Slip DressHow to Style a Slip DressHow to Style a Slip DressHow to Style a Slip DressHow to Style a Slip Dress