How to Wear White Boots: The Ultimate Guide

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Even though neutrals form the base of my wardrobe, it took me a while to add in white boots. Once I did, I never looked back! Styling white boots and booties can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. In this post, I’m sharing white boots outfit ideas for every season and tips for how to wear white boots in dressy and casual settings.

White Boots Outfits for Winter and Fall

My favorite time to wear white boots is when it’s cold out. They add a little brightness and pop in the dead of winter if I’m feeling uninspired with my style.

Below are white boot outfit ideas styling everything from crisp white heeled booties to white combat boots and off-white cowboy boots. Whatever style of boot you own (or have your eye on), there’s an idea to try!

1. White Boots in a Monochrome Look

all white winter outfit with white booties

Go monochrome by keeping everything in the same color family. Every piece in my outfit isn’t stark white like the boots. Instead, I made sure all the white tones were warm to create harmony. This is another monochromatic look I love.

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2. White Boots with Light Wash Jeans

woman wearing white stiletto boots with ripped jeans trench coat white tshirt and brown bag

To style white boots with jeans, try a light wash. Light denim has undertones of white, and this winter outfit reads chic-yet-laid-back when worn with an oversized sweater.

3. White Boots in an All Black Outfit

woman wearing black velvet mini dress with white ankle boots and sequin bag

No matter your style preferences, we can all agree that black is classic. Shake things up by wearing faux leather pants—one of my winter essentials—with a black turtleneck bodysuit and bright white boots.

Image via Merritt Beck

4. White Boots with a Statement Coat

woman wearing plaid blazer with white belt white straight leg jeans and white heeled boots

A base of creamy whites gives your favorite winter coat, blazer, or moto jacket a chance to shine. Tie in tones from your outerwear with a coordinating bag.

5. Heeled White Boots with a Blazer

woman wearing gray blazer with gucci belt white dress pants and white booties

For a business meeting or event-appropriate look, give white boots an elegant spin by pairing them with white pants and a blazer or fitted sweater.

6. Knee High White Boots with a Dress

woman wearing knee high white boots with green dress

If you have a dress with even a hint of white in it, it should go with white boots. Layer a white coat over top, and if it’s cold, grab some tights.

7. Heeled White Boots with a Sweater and a Skirt

two women in street style photograph wearing white oversized sweater with white pleated skirt and white boots

For a slightly dressy white boots look, layer a sweater over a midi skirt, then belt the sweater. Go monochrome as seen in this street style shot or try a patterned skirt, like houndstooth.

8. White Cowgirl Boots with Jeans

woman wearing white cowboy boots with light jeans and oversized sweater

Try your white western boots with slim-fit or skinny jeans and a tucked sweater.

Image via Net-a-Porter

Can You Wear White Boots in Summer?

You can absolutely wear your white boots in the summer, especially in May and with your summer to fall outfits. They’re an unexpected style for hot weather, but white goes well with summery tones like blues, whites, and florals.

White Boots Summer and Spring Outfit Ideas

Below are a few outfit ideas styling white boots in spring and summer.

1. White Boots with a Floral Dress

woman wearing floral summer dress with white block heel booties

Contrast the femininity of a floral midi dress with white block heel boots. Throw on a crop denim jacket or light-toned leather jacket and you’ll be set if there’s a chill in the air.

2. White Boots with a Skirt and Blouse

woman wearing white boots summer outfit with floral blouse and mini skirt

If you have a pair of white western boots or ankle booties, try them with cutoffs and a white or floral blouse.

Image via Kathleen Post

3. White Boots with a White Dress

woman wearing white maxi dress with white heeled booties outfit

Nothing says summer like a white maxi dress. White boots in lieu of sandals or flats add an element of surprise. 

4. White Boots with Summer Jeans

woman wearing white ankle boots with light summer jeans and graphic tshirt

For a casual look, try white boots with a short sleeve graphic tee, like this or this. A white tee under a trench coat or coatigan also looks great. If you’re headed to a concert, try cutoffs instead of full-length blue jeans.

5. White Boots with a Skirt and Button Up

Pairing knee high boots with a skirt is a fun way to wear a mini skirt without showing too much skin. For a transitional look, try a suede skirt with a crisp white button up.

Image via Lisa DiCicco

How to Dress Up White Boots

If you want to wear white boots to work, on a first date, or for a night out with friends, it’s important to reach for the right pair. Anything with a heel is best. Here are a few ways to dress up white boots.

  1. For a refined yet relaxed look, try a sweater dress or a button down shirt and dark denim with heeled white boots like this.
  2. For an office-appropriate look, try heeled white ankle boots, dark dress pants, a dress shirt, and a blazer like this.
  3. For a semi-formal look, try stiletto dress boots with a dress in a refined fabric (silk or satin) like this. If you wear a snazzy top, you can get away with dress pants or a skirt, like this.

How to Dress Down White Boots

If your personal style leans casual, knowing how to dress down your white boots in a variety of ways is key. Here are tips for creating casual white boot outfits.

  1. Jeans and laid back tops (think t-shirts in the summer and casual sweaters in the winter) are your best friends for keeping white boots casual.
  2. Pay attention to the heel style. A wooden heel looks more casual than a black or white one. A block heel or lug sole looks more casual than a stiletto.
  3. Grab anything graphic, ripped, or in a casual fabric. Think cotton and linen for summer; flannel and corduroy in winter. These end a relaxed look.

Are White Boots in Style?

Absolutely! White boots add a touch of elegance to any outfit, and they’re a fun departure from black and brown booties. While they’ve been labeled an “it” trend in the past, white is a neutral, so it can be worn for years to come.

How to Keep White Boots Clean

Dirt can quickly take away the crisp, lustrous look of white leather boots, so here’s how to keep white shoes looking fresh.

To protect your white boots:

  1. Spray boots with a protective leather spray, keeping the spray roughly 12” from the shoe.
  2. Repeat with a second coat one hour later.
  3. Allow the boots to dry overnight.

To clean your white boots:

  1. Get a magic eraser sponge, a dye-free soap, a toothbrush, and a microfiber cloth.
  2. Remove excess debris with the toothbrush, then use the magic eraser to buff out scuffs.
  3. Dampen the tooth brush and add 1–2 drops of dye-free soap.
  4. Using circular motions, clean the shoes.
  5. Pat the shoes dry with the microfiber cloth to remove any residue.
  6. Set them out to air dry completely.

What Type of White Boots Should You Buy?

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to which boots you should buy. Get the pair of white boots you love and that represents your personal style!

With that being said, I encourage you to consider how timeless the style of the boot is and weigh its longevity against its price.

An investment boot, for example, is a better idea if it’s a classic silhouette (like a heeled ankle boot or almond-toe knee high boot). If you want a trendy white boot, like a combat boot or lug sole boot, go for something at a lower price point.

These are your options when buying white boots:

  • Block Heel Boots: The most versatile. The block heel is more laid back than stilettos, but they can easily be dressed up.
  • Chelsea Boots: The best choice for people who dress casually the majority of the time and want a walking-friendly boot.
  • Stiletto Boots: For anyone who wants a dressier boot for the office, date night, or girls’ night out. A pointed toe is the dressiest silhouette. Can be dressed down with denim. 
  • Knee High Boots: More classic than western boots and more versatile than white over-the-knee boots, white knee high boots look great with skirts, dresses, and denim.
  • Cowgirl Boots: If you enjoy wearing boots with shorts, skirts, and dresses, cowgirl boots give a western spin to summer, fall, and winter looks.
  • Combat Boots: Chunky white boots are at the bottom of the list because they’re a fashion trend, and they only work in casual outfits. But if you love combat boots, go for it!

White Booties and Boots

Below I’ve included a variety of white boots at high and low price points from popular brands, from Dr. Martens to Stuart Weitzman.