My Honest Review of the Isabel Marant Lecce Belt

One of the most asked about accessories in my closet is the Isabel Marant Lecce belt. Whenever I wear it, I get questions from readers wanting to know where it’s from and whether it’s worth the price point.

So today, I wanted to share those answers in one spot! See below for my honest review of the Isabel Marant Lecce belt, including pros and cons, sizing, how to tie it, outfit ideas, and where to buy it.

Isabel Marant Lecce Belt Review

Isabel Marant Lecce Belt Review

The Isabel Marant Lecce belt is a minimalist leather belt with a keyhole slit that’s used to create an asymmetric, knotted look.

After many years, the Lecce belt is still one of my most complimented pieces. It’s a statement belt above all else, so it has the ability to elevate otherwise simple outfits. If you want a unique accessory to add interest to your looks, this wraparound belt is a great investment.

A big selling point for me with this designer belt is how well it’s made. The leather quality is excellent, it stays put when tied correctly, and it doesn’t stretch over time. I occasionally have to tighten it, but it’s nothing I find annoying.

I doubt the Isabel Marant Lecce Belt will ever be discontinued, but if you’re worried about that, I recommend going for it.

Isabel Marant Belt Outfit Ideas

The simplest way to wear the Lecce is with anything with belt loops (jeans, pants, shorts), but it also adds a touch of modern when used to taper or create a waistline over other pieces. I’ve worn it over outerwear, like a blazer, to create a waistline, and to taper my flowy dresses, blouses, and skirts.

Below are a few outfit ideas featuring the Lecce belt.

Isabel Marant Lecce Belt Outfit
How to Wear the Isabel Marant Lecce Belt

Where to Buy the Isabel Marant Lecce Belt

Where to Buy the Lecce Belt

I bought my Lecce belt new from Saks Fifth Avenue, but it’s also available at Net-A-Porter, Nordstrom, Shopbop, Matches Fashion, and Neiman Marcus. The belt comes in black, brown, cognac, bronze, and burgundy.

As an alternative to new, you can also purchase pre-owned from consignment shops such as The Real Real, Julia Rose Boston, and What Goes Around Comes Around.

Lecce Belt Lookalikes

I am not a huge fan of dupes or lookalikes as the quality is often nowhere near that of the original, and I think it’s important to give credit where credit is due (by way of purchasing the original) when it comes to designer pieces.

That being said, if the Lecce belt is out of your budget right now, this and this are similar.

how to tie isabel marant lecce belt

How to Tie the Lecce Belt

My blogger friend Jessica posted a great tutorial on Instagram for how to tie the belt, so check that out if you’re a visual learner. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to repeat.

Here’s how to tie the Isabel Marant belt:

  1. Position the belt over the garment you’re wearing (through the belt loops or on top).
  2. Thread the end without the hole through the back of the side with the hole, then tighten so it’s centered on your waist.
  3. Loop the end without the hole back toward your body, threading it under the belt at your waist from the bottom.
  4. The former step should create a small loop at the front of the belt. Thread the same tail end you’ve been working with down through the loop.
  5. Tighten and adjust as needed.

Lecce Belt Sizing

I find the Lecce belt runs true to size. I ordered my usual size S (I’m 5’9″, typically a size 2-4, and fluctuate between 125lbs and 135lbs).

When I’m wearing it over thick items, like coats and sweaters, sometimes I wish I had more belt to work with. If you want to wear it over cold weather outerwear, I’d size up.

Isabel Marant Lecce Belt Pros and Cons

Honestly, it was challenging to find cons for this belt, but I tried!

  • Pros: High quality, sturdy once tied, multiple colors, unique.
  • Cons: Price point, can be sold out during busy shopping seasons.
How to Tie the Isabel Marant Lecce Belt


See below for the FAQs, and let me know in the comments if you have more questions!

Does color transfer off the belt?

I haven’t had an issue with this at all.

Does the leather stretch?

No, the belt nor the belt loop have stretched in my years owning it.

Does it come loose?

The belt has never come undone when I’ve worn it as the loop is very sturdy, but it may require 1-2 adjustments when you wear it, especially over bulkier items such as coats and sweaters. Again, nothing bothersome.