An Honest Review of the Loewe Basket Bag & Lookalikes for Less

Loewe Basket Bag Review

The Loewe Basket Bag is one of those pieces that floated in my periphery for years. Prior to purchase, I saw it everywhere: on Instagram, in editorials, and during travels.

I treat myself to one or two straw bags every summer since they’re my most worn style from about May through September (in the name of versatility, right?!). In recent years, it’s been a mix of price points, including this Loewe bag I love which was my first introduction to the brand.

Since a roomier carryall was on my summer wishlist and I’d been considering the Loewe Basket, I took advantage of a 20% off sale at Matches and decided to try it.

Now that I’ve carried it for a while, I wanted to share my honest thoughts! The Loewe Basket Bag review below includes pros and cons, what fits inside, and lookalikes that won’t break the bank.

Loewe Straw Bag Review
Loewe Medium Basket Bag Outfit

Loewe Basket Bag Review: Is It Worth It?

I’ve only been using the basket for a few weeks, but I really like it. The lack of closure can be seen as a pro or con. On the bright side, it’s incredibly roomy and easy to get things in and out of. On the downside, things can roll out of the bag quite easily.

The bag fits a lot! It’s a single compartment without any pockets or separators—will fit everything you want to take to the beach, to the office, or out on the weekend and more (sharing what I carry for weekdays further down).

I was worried it would look too boxy against my frame (online the base looks wide—and it is), but the raffia softens with wear and it looks very chic worn on the shoulder or wrist.

It’s hard to say if it’s going to be “worth it” for everyone—I think it depends on your current collection, needs, and budget. But if you’re looking for a practical yet elevated summer bag that you can carry to the beach and around your city, it’s a winner that isn’t at risk of going out of style.


The Loewe Basket Bag comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large). I have the medium and am very happy with its size. It’s 10.6″ tall x 14.6″ wide x 6.7″ deep. The straps have a 9″ drop, which is comfortable to carry on my shoulder or in hand. It has a flat bottom, but it’s not completely flat, so it takes some “training” to get it to not lean when set down.

Size Comparison

The Loewe Basket Bag is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Here are the dimensions of each:

  • Small: 7.9″ height, 11.8″ width, 5.1″ depth, with a 6.3″ strap drop
  • Medium: 10.6″ height, 14.6″ width, 6.7″ depth, with a 9″ strap drop
  • Large: 13.4″ height, 18.1″ width, 8.3″ depth, with a 9″ strap drop

What Fits Inside

What Fits Inside the Loewe Basket Bag

The medium holds quite a bit! I can comfortably fit my wallet, sunglasses and case, keys, phone, a small notebook, my laptop, a small water bottle, a snack, a tech case with my chargers, and a small zip pouch for makeup. I throw a light sweater on top most days and there’s still room for more.

Design, Features, Materials, and Quality

I think the biggest thing to keep in mind with woven bags is that the materials are prone to imperfections. I’m happy with the quality of the Loewe Basket Bag overall, but I did have a moment at unboxing because there were a few small loose threads and color variations. They’re not noticeable by any means, but for the price, I was expecting perfection!

I’m not saying the woven portion of the bag is bad. I think Loewe takes great care to minimize the natural variations and pills that occur, but it’s just the nature of raffia. The raffia is sturdy and the weave is beautiful. I think pills are par for the course with woven bags that use bigger threads (my other Loewe tote has a tighter weave and didn’t have the same issues).

The leather straps and embossed logo patch are flawless—the stitching is impeccable. I think leather details are what elevate it above other woven styles on the market.

Loewe Medium Straw Basket Bag
Loewe straw dupes

Pros and Cons


  • The medium is a goldilocks in size: not too big, not too small.
  • Incredibly roomy; fits your daily essentials and more.
  • The raffia softens so the bag doesn’t feel as stiff (sits nicely against the body).
  • The quality of the leather straps and logo patch is excellent.


  • Everything spills out if you lean over—be prepared for your goods to make a quick exit if you bend down, even slightly.
  • Raffia can snag. I’ve been careful and haven’t had issues, but something to consider if you wear a lot of delicate fabrics.
  • Pricey.

Loewe Bag Lookalikes

Loewe straw Lookalikes

If the price tag of the Loewe Basket is too steep for you, there are some beautiful lookalikes out there at a fraction of the cost.

Poolside Essaouria Tote

The #1 Loewe bag lookalike I recommend is the Poolside Essaouria Tote because I own it. Like the Loewe, it comes in a few sizes, but the medium has similar dimensions (the Poolside Medium is a bit bigger). With the exception of the logo patch, it looks nearly identical.

The main two differences are that the Loewe is sturdier overall (the leather and raffia on the Poolside bag have more give and are floppier) and that the Poolside comes with a zippered insert to secure your items.

The Poolside tote is a great alternative at half the cost of the Loewe basket!

Other Loewe Bag Lookalikes

  • Sezane Bags: This French retailer releases a handful of straw totes in the $100-250 range every season that are beautiful alternatives to Loewe.
  • Etsy Shops: There are hundreds of Etsy shops that carry straw bags, but I did some digging and this is my favorite for Loewe lookalikes. This style is so similar and under $100.

Shop Loewe Basket Bags and Lookalikes

Loewe Bag dupes
An Honest Review of the Loewe Basket Bag & Lookalikes for LessAn Honest Review of the Loewe Basket Bag & Lookalikes for LessAn Honest Review of the Loewe Basket Bag & Lookalikes for LessAn Honest Review of the Loewe Basket Bag & Lookalikes for LessAn Honest Review of the Loewe Basket Bag & Lookalikes for LessAn Honest Review of the Loewe Basket Bag & Lookalikes for Less