Pieces to Transition from Summer to Fall

transitioning from summer to fall

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In my town, the pumpkin spice advertisements are popping up but the temperatures haven’t quite settled down. Fall officially begins in September, and while I couldn’t be more excited to sport thick sweaters, scarves, and gloves, we usually don’t experience crisp temperatures until late October. The lingering heat and humidity create a challenging time to dress, so what’s a girl to do? My favorite tip is to begin incorporating lightweight, layering pieces and autumnal hues into your wardrobe. This way, you’ll comfortably survive the warmer temperatures and still have that fall effect.

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Light Cardigan

A lightweight long cardigan is, dare I say, the most essential piece for this time of year. I’m constantly in places where the air-conditioning is on full blast, so having a neutral cardigan handy to throw over any outfit in office, a coffee shop, or a date night restaurant is a must.

Outerwear for Layering

Light outerwear like blazers, jackets, and motos also transitions well into autumn. I’ll start to incorporate fall textures, like suede, and fall colors, like this light olive green. These will pair well with shorts or a sundress now and denim or pants later on.

Breathable Sweaters

Last year, David and I visited Camden, Maine for our anniversary and went apple picking. I remember telling him that I wished I’d packed lighter weight tops for that day! I nearly broke a sweat in the sunshine selecting our Pink Ladies and Granny Smiths even though it was early October. This year, I know better and am eyeing long sleeves with thinner fabric, like this ribbed one (under $60), this off-the-shoulder sweater, and this wrap linen sweater (on sale).

Cozy Mules

I’m not sure why, but mules scream fall to me almost as much as wool. I loved closed-toed versions, like this stunning suede pair (on sale). These open-toed mule heels (under $120) are a lovely option if you’re looking to wear fall colors before the season begins and still give your toes some reprieve from the heat. Either will pair well with a maxi dress or skirt in summer. When the season arrives, I’d wear them with jeans, corduroys, or a dress in my favorite fall color.

What are your favorite transition pieces where you live? When does the weather start to cool down? I’d love to know.