Senreve Aria Belt Bag Review

woman wearing senreve aria belt bag for review

The Senreve Aria Belt Bag is the first belt bag in my handbag collection, and I wanted to write this review in case you’re flirting with the idea of treating yourself to it but aren’t 100% sure it’s right for you. This review covers everything from what fits inside to how to wear it, durability, quality, how it differs from other Senreve bags, and pros and cons.

The first time I saw the Aria Belt Bag was on Instagram, and the fact that I even liked it shocked me. My style is pretty classic, so belt bags were not on my radar at all. But Senreve somehow wove its signature vintage, feminine flare into a bag style that typically reads very edgy and modern—and that grabbed my attention.

I bought my Aria belt bag this spring, and I’m sharing everything you need to know to decide whether it’s the right bag for you in my Senreve Aria review below. Let’s jump in!

Senreve aria belt bag in chestnut
woman wearing senreve aria belt bag as belt bag

Aria Bag Specs & Details

The bag costs $445–$545, depending on the leather option you choose (Pebbled, Dolce, Dragon, Vegan Saffiano, Mimosa, or Amica Misto). All options feature scratch, stain, and water-resistant exteriors and stain-resistant micro-suede interiors.

There are roughly 50 colors to choose from, including everything from classic chestnut brown to spunky leopard print. The bag measures 8.25” x 6” x 2.25” and comes with an adjustable, removable leather strap (63” long). There are two loops on the interior and exterior of the bag, so you can wear the Aria as a belt bag, crossbody, as a bum bag, and on the shoulder. You can also remove the strap entirely and carry the Aria as a clutch.

senreve aria belt bag
senreve aria belt bag snap closure
senreve aria belt bag straps
how to wear the senreve belt bag

What Fits Inside the Aria Belt Bag?

The Aria definitely isn’t roomy, but it fits more than I expected! I can fit my iPhone 11 Pro, my small card holder, my car keychain, hair ties, and 1–2 small lip products.

It has a single compartment with three interior pockets (card slots and a zip pocket) and one patch exterior pocket. The patch exterior pocket isn’t practical at all given the design of the magnetic closure, so it’s more for aesthetics. Inside, I can fit my iPhone 11 Pro, my small card holder, my car key (not my entire keychain), and 1–2 small lip products. 

what fits in the senreve aria belt bag

Pros and Cons of the Aria Belt Bag


  • It’s Versatile: This isn’t just an upgraded fanny pack. You can wear it as a belt bag, as a sling bag, crossbody, on the shoulder, or remove the strap and use it as a clutch.
  • Customizable Straps: If you want, you can swap the strap for something more elegant from Senreve’s collection, like this chain strap. There are also a few affordable alternative straps on Amazon and Etsy.
  • Closure: The snap closure is not cumbersome whatsoever. It snaps snugly and easily with very little pressure, which I absolutely love for the ease of opening and closing the bag quickly on the go.
  • Quality & Durability: When I buy a nice bag, I don’t want to have to be overly delicate with it. If that’s you, you’ll love the Aria. The Italian leather is beautiful but doesn’t scratch or show signs of wear easily. 
  • Lifetime Guarantee: Senreve will exchange the bag at no cost to you if you find a defect.
  • Shopping Experience: Senreve has fantastic customer service. They respond via email quickly, sometimes within the hour, even after business hours.


  • Suede Interior: I’m not a big fan of the micro-suede suede interior. Yes, it’s beautiful and stain resistant, but I still cringe when I put anything that has even the slightest potential to leak in the bag (lipgloss, a pen, etc.). Most times I just avoid liquids altogether.
  • The Strap: The strap isn’t exactly easy to adjust. The holes in it can be sticky, and the loops for the end tip are very tight, so getting the strap into a shortened position (for belt bag, bum bag, and sling bag wear) takes some muscle. The upside is that once it’s adjusted, it stays put.

How to Wear the Senreve Aria Belt Bag

You can wear the Aria belt bag as a belt bag, sling bag, crossbody, shoulder bag, or clutch. It’s one of my favorite bags for a day when I’m out on the town exploring and want to have my hands free for a coffee, shopping bags, etc.

See five examples for how to wear the Aria bag below. For more styling inspiration, check out how a celebrities have styled it on Senreve’s “As Seen On” page.

senreve aria belt bag worn as a bum bag
senreve aria belt bag carried as a clutch
senreve aria belt bag worn as a shoulder bag
senreve aria belt bag worn as a belt bag
senreve aria belt bag worn crossbody

Where to Buy the Senreve Aria Belt Bag

I bought my Senreve Aria Belt Bag on Shopbop—I have the calfskin pebbled leather in Chestnut. For the best color and leather selection, I recommend shopping directly on Senreve bags are occasionally sold at Neiman Marcus and Farfetch. As an alternative to new, you can purchase pre-owned in good condition at The Real Real. In the U.S., Senreve has one showroom in San Francisco—it’s on my bucket list to visit!

Verdict: Is the Senreve Aria Belt Bag Worth It?

So, is the Aria belt bag worth it? If you like the idea of a hands-free bag experience that doesn’t depart too much from classic, feminine styling, I think it’s a good investment. Just know that you’ll be dealing with a delicate suede interior and that adjusting the bag will take some getting used to. To me, the Aria is the perfect bag for being out on the weekends, and it’s also the travel bag I’d carry for a trip exploring a new city on foot. The best part about the bag is that if (and when) belt bags go out of style, it will still go far in your wardrobe as a crossbody, shoulder bag, or clutch.

Hope you found this Senreve Aria Belt Bag review helpful! See below for a few FAQs about the bag, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me in the comments or on Instagram if you have specific questions. xo!

woman wearing senreve aria belt bag outfit with shearling coat, jeans, and boots

FAQs about the Senreve Aria Belt Bag

What’s the difference between the Aria bag, the Alunna bag, the Maestra bag?

The Senreve Maestra bag is a convertible backpack purse, and it’s the OG Senreve bag. It’s also the largest, but it comes in two smaller versions—the Midi Maestra and the Mini Maestra—which are the same in almost every way except size.

The Alunna is Senreve’s crossbody bag, which has a top handle and a central compartment that’s a little taller and larger than the Aria’s. It’s also available in a mini size.

Senreve sells other bag styles, like the Coda and the Doctor Bag, but the Maestra, Alunna, and Aria are the brand’s top 3 sellers.

Which leather type should I choose?

This will come down to the look and feel you want and the price you’re willing to pay. Senreve has a great overview of how its leathers differ here.

Is there a good Senreve Aria belt bag dupe?

If you’re not ready to splurge on the Aria, this bag is a nice alternative, and I’ve always loved the crescent bag by Cuyana—they’re about as close as you’ll get to an Aria belt bag dupe.