7 Easy Summer to Fall Outfits

Last week on Instagram, so many of you requested a transitional summer to fall style guide, which comes as no surprise because figuring out what to wear between seasons can be so challenging!

Most cities are still warm right now, but September is around the corner and temps will start cooling off soon. Today I’m sharing seven looks to transition into fall, with lots of layers over convenient summer favorites so that you’re prepped for warm afternoons and chilly evenings!

Quick Tips: What to Wear Between Seasons

Before we dig into the looks, here are a couple of guidelines I use to make between-season dressing easier.

  • Shift the Color Palette—I wear mostly neutrals throughout the year, but right about now I start to steer completely away from brights/pastels and opt for rich tones like camel, burgundy, and olive.
  • Add Fall Layers—Dust off your utility jacket, jean jacket, blazers, and cardigans, which can be tied around the waist or stowed in a bag during the day and worn in the evening.
  • Transitional Shoes—Think sneakers, ankle booties, heeled mules, and loafers. The closed toe is a strong nod to fall, but you can also wear brown/black sandals into late September.
  • Accessorize—This is a fun way to get yourself in the fall mood, especially if you live in a warm climate like Florida or Texas where it doesn’t cool off until later. Add fall bags, wool hats, or lightweight scarves to your favorite summer looks for a seasonal touch.

Scroll down for all seven outfit ideas!

7 Easy Summer to Fall Outfits

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I’ll continue to share my transitional outfits and more summer to fall outfit collages in the Shop this month and in early September, so make sure you’re following along there to see them first!