30 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

In my book, there’s always room for two things on Thanksgiving: seconds and a great Thanksgiving outfit. Whether you’ll be spending the day around a happily crowded table at home, at a Friendsgiving, or with your in-laws, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to what to wear for Thanksgiving. Some of us plan comfy and cute looks ideal for lounging and second helpings, while others take full advantage of the opportunity to dress up to the nines to celebrate.

Whatever your personal style, I’m sharing 30 Thanksgiving outfit ideas to get your wheels turning. Keep scrolling for casual Thanksgiving outfits, dressy Thanksgiving outfits, and comfy Thanksgiving outfits for women.

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Casual Thanksgiving Outfits

If you’re hosting, celebrating with friends, or aiming for a Thanksgiving outfit that’s cute yet requires little effort, these are some of my go to’s. These cute Thanksgiving outfit ideas are chic enough for pictures yet laid back enough to play games, watch movies, and relax as the day goes on.

Comfy Thanksgiving Outfits

Getting dressed for a holiday where you sit around all day and eat often means wearing flat shoes and something oversized, loose-fitting, and soft. If easy Thanksgiving outfit ideas are what you’re looking for, these are for you. Here are some of my favorite cozy looks.

Dressy Thanksgiving Outfits

Whether you’re the type to make any excuse to get dressed up or are spending your first holiday season with your significant other’s family, these dressy Thanksgiving outfits are sure classy, chic, and sure to make an impression. All of these can be adjusted by adding or removing layers to create a Thanksgiving outfit for warm weather or cold weather.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of outfit ideas for Thanksgiving dinner! Be sure to check out my Shop where I share more fall outfit combos that could work for Thanksgiving day. However you’re celebrating this year, I hope you have the chance to pause and count your blessings, enjoy time with loved ones, and celebrate Turkey Day with delicious food!