My Favorite Things to Purchase on Amazon

These are My Favorite Things to Purchase on Amazon

Last month I noticed quite a few bloggers sharing what items they purchase through Personally, I loved reading these as I’m a frequent Amazon shopper and like learning what other goodies are available online. I love the convenience, free shipping, variety, and so much more. These are my favorite products I’ve purchased from Amazon and use regularly!


On-the-Go Razor

I bought this for travel originally but now take it to the gym as well. The color makes me happy and it comes with a cute compact case. It fits perfect in my gym bag for post-workout showers and my toiletry bag for trips.

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Protein Powder

You’ve seen me talk about this on Instagram stories, but just 2 scoops of this powder (in chocolate) blended with water keep me full until lunchtime. It tastes delicious, has 20 grams of protein, and is chock full of vitamins and nutrients.

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Caudalie Lip Moisturizer

While this can be found at any beauty store, I love it so much that I order it on Amazon for quicker delivery. Once I run out, I can hardly stand to go a day without it!

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Patina Farm Book

This serves as beautiful coffee table book in our living room. It’s also one of the biggest sources of inspiration for the style and decor of our home! I love flipping through on an off-day and our guests do too.

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Sound Machine

My in-laws keep these in every room in their home and I got hooked while visiting with them. We even bring this when we travel because we sleep so, so much better when we have it! It’s soothing and helps us fall asleep faster.

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L’Oreal Hair Mask

My secret weapon for achieving soft, moisturized hair without breaking the bank. This is an old-school hair stylist secret that I learned about from my colorist in California. You get a huge tub for $11.50. I highly recommend it!

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Organizer Bins

I love these affordable bins to keep us organized. We use these for our coffee corner, pantry, my vanity, and elsewhere in our home. If you have a knack for organizing you will love these.

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Gold Picture Frames

These have a slight patina to the color, making them look more expensive than they are. I cut up an old map of Paris and divided into 9 of these frames in our old apartment and it was beautiful.

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Peppermint Body Wash

The only body wash we use. Love the clean ingredient list and it smells incredible! You can find this at local grocery stores but we purchase online in a 3-pack to save a bit.

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Handheld Spiralizer

Our large spiralizer was too cumbersome to use often, so we bought these as a replacement and LOVE them! They work equally as well, if not better, and are much easier to clean. We purchased the 3 blade pack for fun shapes and texture.

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Mini Moos Half & Half

David makes fun of me for this, but I’m kind of particular about how much dairy I’m taking in, so I’ll pop one of these in my bag if I know I’m getting a coffee out and about for perfect portioning. It’s so easy to go overboard with creamer in the coffee shops!

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Tom’s Sandals

You know that pair of sandals you reach for everyday during the warm months and don’t want to be upset when they lose their shape or go bad because, honestly, it’s fine because you just wear them that much? For $20, these are your insanely comfortable, summer 2019 pair.

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I talk about carrying my Hydroflask all the time, and I do on a daily bases. However, Essentia is still my favorite water (it’s the king of waters; how do they make it taste so good?!), so sometimes as a treat I’ll buy a 12-pack to have throughout the month.

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Unite Detangler

I’ve tried other detanglers but continue to go back to this one. I found this via Julianne Hough’s stylist at 901 salon in Los Angeles and it is just the best. No parabens or sulfates, detangles your hair so quickly, and doesn’t weigh it down whatsoever. I wrote more in detail about it here.

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Epsom Salts

I pour a half cup of these in a warm bath whenever my muscles are feeling tense. It doesn’t make me itchy, like some epsom salts do, and the relief is noticeable. The container is large so this last a few months!

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Honest Bubble Bath

I love a good bubble bath and this scent makes me so happy. Plus, it’s perfect for getting me in the mood for springtime with all the dreary weather we’ve been having. The ingredient list is clean, which is great if you have babes as well!

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What are your favorite purchases from I’m always interested in seeing what’s available on the site, since they carry so much! Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram.