We’re Expecting! + Our Pregnancy Journey So Far

We're Pregnant

We’re pregnant! I’m so happy to share that we’re expecting our first baby early next year! I’m 30 weeks, so this has felt like a long time coming since we’ve been keeping the secret since June. I wanted to catch you all up to speed on pregnancy so far!

I’ll also share first and second trimester posts (what I used, symptoms) and what we’ve bought for baby (nursery, clothes, gear) soon, but below’s a recap of pregnancy so far, a quick life catchup, and why we decided to share the news a little later in the journey.

Pregnancy announcement
Pregnancy announcement ideas

When Did You Find Out?

I found out in June when I was four weeks along. I tested positive the day my sister’s twin girls were born which felt so serendipitous! David was out of town for a guys’ trip in Wyoming that week. So I decided to wait to tell him until he was back. It was so hard waiting, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it over FaceTime!

How Did You Tell David?

We had a Saturday tradition this summer of getting coffees and biscuits at our favorite local coffee shop, so we packed a blanket as usual. David stayed outside with our dog while I grabbed the order. I put the positive pregnancy test in an extra biscuit box and casually gave it to David when we sat down to eat. I will never forget his reaction—it was a sweet mix of disbelief, surprise, and excitement!

Do You Know the Gender?

We don’t! Finding out at birth is something we’ve always daydreamed about. There are so few true surprises in life, and even though we’ve grown more tempted to find out as the pregnancy has gotten more complicated (more on this below), we’re sticking it out! It’s been nice to take a minimalist approach with purchases. But there are so many sweet gender-specific pieces that I can’t wait to buy once we know!

How Did You Share the News with Family?

We told my parents at about 12 weeks and David’s parents later in the summer when we visited them. I told my parents I wanted to take a group picture before brunch and set it up as a video on a tripod. I counted down for the photo and “3, 2, 1—we’re pregnant!” I will forever treasure having their reaction on camera.

We're Pregnant! + Our Pregnancy Journey So Far
We're Pregnant! + Our Pregnancy Journey So Far

Did You Always Know You Wanted Children?

Having kids is sort of “expected” in the south. So it wasn’t until we gave ourselves the opportunity to explore the idea of life without children that I felt like we could make a clear decision. David and I have been very content with life just the two of us. We’re best friends and love to work, travel, and generally not be tied down.

Even though I love children and consider myself very nurturing, I wasn’t 1,000% sure I wanted my own until David had seizures last spring. The first one was severe, and I thought he was having a stroke or aneurysm. One of knee-jerk thoughts in that moment was, if he died, I was never going to see him be the father of my kids. That’s when I knew for sure I wanted a family.

Why Did You Wait to Share Until 30 Weeks?

There are a handful of reasons we waited! Some personal and others related to pregnancy complications:

We wanted to process without the opinions of other people.

Over the summer, we told a few acquaintances and received everything from “It’s the most challenging and beautiful thing you’ll ever do” (so encouraging) to “Forget your life! Good luck! Say goodbye to travel, working, freedom, free time, date nights!” (what a downer). We wanted to form our own opinions and daydreams about life with our sweet baby before letting the world share theirs.

Family ups and downs.

I’ve mentioned several times that this summer was the highest highs and lowest lows. Pregnancy was the high, but soon after we tested positive, my Mom was diagnosed with a fast-progressing form of ALS. Holding the joy of expecting in tandem with the grief of her diagnosis has been very difficult. I’m so happy that my sweet Mom will get to meet our little one.

Pregnancy complications.

We planned to announce at viability (24 weeks), but I had a bleed shortly before that landed me in the OB ER. A few weeks later, my team suspected both placenta previa and vasa previa (an extremely high-risk condition for baby for which moms are usually admitted to the hospital from 27 weeks until a 33/34 week planned c-section). We were referred to MFM where we learned that vasa previa was a misdiagnosis. But I still have complete placenta previa and cannot deliver vaginally.

At 29w2d I had a larger bleed and was hospitalized again for monitoring. According to a doctor like this Gynecologist in El Paso, TX, baby is looking perfectly healthy, but I am on modified bed rest at home. The hope is to make it to a scheduled c-section at 36 weeks to allow for optimal growth for baby while reducing my risk of hemorrhaging.

All that to say, the ups and downs of everything paralyzed me when it came to sharing. Now that we have more clarity and a best-case scenario plan, I’m so happy to bring you guys on the journey!

How Are You Feeling About the Placenta Previa Diagnosis?

David and I both approached pregnancy with the mindset that the entire process, from conceiving to growing a healthy baby to delivering safely, is a gift that isn’t guaranteed. We also don’t know any different since it’s our first pregnancy, so we’re rolling with the punches and count each day that I stay pregnant a huge blessing! I’m hopeful that baby will make it to 32, 34, or even 36 weeks and so grateful for the amazing healthcare where we live.

How Were the First and Second Trimesters?

Overall, I’m grateful to say that my pregnancy has been incredibly easy barring the bleeding and placenta complications. I feel like I’ve had a unicorn pregnancy and have barely had symptoms!

In the first trimester, I felt bone tired on and off until 14 weeks. It was hard for me to slow down. There were a couple of times I would get in my car and be too tired to leave the driveway. Other than fatigue, I was bloated, had sore breasts, and queasiness some mornings that went away immediately with fruit and hot coffee.

Once second tri hit, my energy returned. I would sometimes forget I was pregnant! The bloat subsided and all my normal clothes fit for a long time as baby was growing up and back into my spine (pregnancy made me realize how long my torso is—thank you, Mom!). I saw the tiniest rounding at 25 weeks and then a more noticeable pop at the start of the third tri (28 weeks). The only downside of the second tri was the return of my varicose veins (I had them removed a few years ago and they came back with a vengeance). If you’re pregnant like me, you can visit sites like https://yourlovingchoices.org/ for additional guidance.

Any Plans for a Babymoon?

We booked a babymoon in Paris in November, which got pushed and then cancelled after my bleeds. I’m sad we didn’t have the opportunity to do one last trip just the two of us but know it was the right decision to stay put. We’re in Raleigh for the remainder of pregnancy but hope to go somewhere special once baby’s here and travel feels manageable.

Do You Have Names Picked Out?

Our girl name options are very solid, but we’re a little wishy washy with boy names! Boy names are hard. We want something timeless and classic but not common, and that’s a tough order as it turns out. We have a shortlist of boy names we love but haven’t found a first + middle combo just yet that really makes our hearts sing.

And there you have it! The countdown to our little one is on. Thank you guys so much for sharing in our joy! The content here will stay mostly the same—mostly fashion with a sprinkle of beauty—but I’ll be sharing more looks behind the scenes on Instagram stories, especially as we navigate the very unpredictable path to birth with placenta previa. xo!