Is Oribe Worth It? My Honest Review of Every Oribe Hair Product I’ve Tried

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Whenever I share an update on my hair care routine, there’s a 99% chance that an Oribe product will be included on the list. It’s one of my favorite hair brands on the market, and since I often get asked whether Oribe products are worth the splurge, I figured it was time to do a full breakdown of every product I’ve ever used from Oribe and what I thought about each.

If you’re not familiar with Oribe, it’s a luxury haircare brand best known for its high-end shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling products. The products come in sleek, vanity-worthy packaging, contain high-quality ingredients, and have won numerous awards from beauty magazines and celebrity hairstylists.

The biggest downside of the Oribe line is the price tag. Most full-size Oribe products start at a cool $40 per bottle, so the real question arises: Is Oribe actually worth the cost? Below, I’m breaking down every Oribe product I’ve used and giving a verdict on whether or not I thought it was worth it.

Oribe Reviews

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

The Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is a dry hair spray designed to build texture and volume. I think the first time I ever saw this product mentioned was in a magazine detailing Carrie Underwood’s hair routine, and since her hair is amazing, I was curious. To use the Oribe texturizing spray, I style my hair as normal and then spray it at the root and a bit throughout the ends. If you have hair that tends to fall flat and don’t like the crunch of traditional hair spray, you will love this one. It smells incredible, gives amazing body without the crunch, and a little goes a long way. I like to buy the smallest bottle and use it for 3-5 months.

Oribe Blonde Purple Shampoo

When I started getting mini-highlights again after going back to my natural hair color, my stylist recommended the Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo for Beautiful Color to help cut any brassiness. I felt like it did the job, but I honestly couldn’t take the smell. As with most purple shampoos, it’s very purple and actually has the potential to stain the tile in your shower if it accidentally leaks. Not that it’s much of an improvement in the tile-staining department, but I preferred this purple shampoo much more. The smell isn’t as in your face, it’s less expensive, and you get more product in every bottle.

Oribe Signature Shampoo

The Oribe Signature Shampoo has become my holy grail shampoo over the years and is one of the Oribe products I buy over and over. My stylist keeps nudging me to buy the giant Signature Shampoo bottle with a pump to keep in our shower (it’s probably more economical over time), but I’m just not there yet since we travel often and many of my hair products come with me. I love this shampoo. It has their signature scent which smells incredible and gets my hair squeaky clean without stripping it of moisture. Keep in mind that Oribe shampoos don’t lather because they’re sulfate free (this is a very good thing for your hair health and for maintaining any color or treatments!).

Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo

Every now and then when I run out of an Oribe product I love, I like to switch it up to something else in their line just to give it a shot. The main difference I noticed between the Oribe Signature shampoo and the Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo is that the Gold Lust is heavier. The formula has more oils in it, so I often felt like it was weighing my hair down a bit more, even though my hair felt just as clean. If you have a lot of breakage or brittle hair, this would be a good one to try. Since my hair is in a much healthier place after going back to my natural hair color, I didn’t feel like I needed this one.

Oribe Gold Lust Conditioner

This is the other holy grail product in my haircare routine. I love the Oribe Gold Lust Conditioner and, honestly, no other conditioner I’ve ever used compares. I have wavy, frizz-prone, thick hair, and I have a lot of it. This conditioner is absolutely incredible at making my hair smooth, moisturized, and ready for quick detangling without weighing it down whatsoever. I apply about a quarter-size amount to my hair starting from the middle down to the ends, then I take any extra and apply it around my ears and scalp. If you get one product from this list, let it be this one.

Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil

The Gold Lust Oil is a cool one because you can apply it as a pre-shampoo treatment, before blow-drying for heat protection, or on dry hair for luster and frizz control. I use it most often after I’ve styled my hair to help prevent flyaways and frizz and to reduce static in the winter. I like this product, but a little goes a very long way. As in, if you use too much it can build up quickly into a greasy mess. In comparison to other hair oils I’ve tried, I’m not sure this has a leg up on them other than the fact that it smells like heaven. I recommend this one if you can find it on sale.

Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray

There’s a strong possibility that I was using the Thickening Spray incorrectly, but it wasn’t for me. My stylist recommended it when I asked for a blowout spray to help with lift at the root and volume throughout, but for me, it smelled like alcohol, made my hair sticky, and didn’t brush out after use. This definitely has the feel of traditional hair spray on your hair (that dry, not brushable texture), so if you don’t like that, stay away.

Oribe Run Through Detangling Primer

The Run-Through Detangling Primer is the third and final holy grail Oribe product in my hair care routine, and it’s probably the one I would pick if I had to choose between it, the Signature Shampoo, and the Gold Lust conditioner. If you have tangle-prone hair, this will change your hair life. I spray this throughout damp hair after showering and it makes my hair immediately easy to glide through with a comb or wet brush. No more painful detangling ever. It smells incredible and when used in the right amounts (5-10 sprays about 10” from the head), it doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. I highly recommend this one if detangling is a frustrating part of your current routine.

Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream

Supershine is a leave-in cream that comes in two versions: regular and light. The regular was way too heavy and oily for me, but I do like the light version. It’s hydrating, nourishing, and feels like you’re giving your hair a drink of all things that are good for it. It also left my hair feeling really smooth, which I loved for sleek hairstyles and pulling my hair back in a ponytail without flyaways around the ears and neck. I really liked the shine this added, but it was more difficult to distribute throughout my hair than the run-through and the Gold Lust oil, so I stopped buying it. If you have really dry and brittle hair, a dime-size amount or less of this would be a nice daily treatment for your hair. 

Why Is Oribe So Expensive?

This is kind of like asking why Hermes or Chanel is expensive. Oribe’s expensive because they create high-quality products with great ingredients and because there’s enough demand for them to price high. They do things a little differently than most haircare brands, like design their bottles to look like perfumes, incorporate creative ideas for scents, and keep a safety stock of discontinued products (you can reach out to them directly if there’s something you’re obsessed with that’s no longer on shelves). It doesn’t make it any less painful on the wallet as a consumer, but if it’s any relief, their products are cruelty free, color safe, keratin treatment safe, and use eco-friendly inks. Most are also sulfate-free, help prevent damage from heat styling, and have SPF or UV protection.

Where to Buy Oribe

Oribe hair care products are sold at select salons throughout the nation and at online retailers like, Sephora, Dermstore, Amazon, Nordstrom, BlueMercury, Space NK, and Bloomingdales. I’ve occasionally seen it go on sale up to 25% off at Dermstore and Space NK, so I like to keep an eye out for their promotions throughout the year.

Is Oribe Worth It?

So, is Oribe worth it? Like most brands, it’s hard to give a blanket ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as to whether Oribe products are worth the hype. The answer varies for each product, but there are some superstars that nearly everyone I’ve spoken to who’s tried them loves, like the Dry Texturizing Spray. The Oribe Signature Shampoo, Gold Lust Conditioner, and Run Through Primer have been the three essential products for me on my journey from frizzy, damaged hair to healthy hair. To decide which Oribe products might work best for your hair type, I recommend checking out the Oribe website or chatting with a stylist who’s experienced using the products (many salons carry them).