6 Easy Hairstyles for Hot Summer Days

Styling long hair in the summer can be a frustrating task, especially if you live somewhere where summer equals humidity, frizz, and unbearable heat. I’ve always had thick, long, slightly wavy hair, so I’m no stranger to the dilemma. With the help of time, a few tips from my hairstylist, and lessons learned from many years wrangling with my head of hair, I now have a set of easy summer hairstyles that look pretty and are practically effortless.

Ahead, I share six of my favorite easy hairstyles for warm weather, from a twist on the classic ponytail to a braided look that even hair styling novices can rock.


1. Messy Top Knot

My personal go-to most days. After showering, I wring the moisture out of my hair with this towel (produces less flyaways and frizz than traditional towel-drying), then I’ll detangle with this spray and a wide tooth comb. I like my top knot high but not ballerina slick, so I usually use one hair tie to secure it after twisting the hair around itself.

If your hair is dry, you might need to use a few bobby pins (I use blonde pins so you can’t see them) and a bit of hairspray to secure the updo. A tip from my hairstylist: pull a few wispies out around the ears or at your temples for a softer look. A top knot also looks beautiful with bangs.


2. Ponytail with a Hair Scarf

I love scarves because they capture the whimsy, effortless yet feminine look that we all want year-round but have a harder time achieving on hot summer days. Whether you prefer sporting a high ponytail or a low ponytail, there are a few ways to incorporate a scarf for a timeless hair look. The easiest by far is a rolled up scarf (or scrunchie-style scarf) tied around a secured ponytail, but you can also weave it into a braided ponytail if you want to put in a little extra effort. I recommend selecting a scarf that contrasts with your natural hair color for a pop.

3. Half-Up Half-Down French Plait

My hairstylist always gives me a braid hairstyle after I see her for a wet haircut, and I’ve become obsessed with how braided hairstyles stay put, keep wispies out of your eyes, and look so different from everyday soft curls or straight hair. For an easy summertime at-home style, I like to do a half-up/half-down braid.

Here’s how: pull your hair up around the crown and begin braiding into the pattern of your choosing (fishtail braid, box braids, dutch braids, etc.). I prefer a classic french braid and always pull the braid loose for added volume at the crown. A half-up/half-down side braid could work beautifully for summer as well, especially if you have short hair that will stay off the nape of your neck either way!


4. Messy Low Bun

This is so easy that almost doesn’t qualify as a hairstyle, but nobody has time for a braided bun or chignon in the summer. For this style, I always decide whether I want a part or no part first. Then, I’ll use my Mason Pearson brush to pull the hair to the back of my head and smooth any flyaways. The ideal messy bun honestly varies for different hair types. I think curly hair looks chic with a simple bun, while those with straighter hair may have to add product to create a true messy bun look.


5. Headband

Headbands are having a moment and I, for one, am glad they’re trendy. Probably the most effortless of all hair accessories. During the summer months when I don’t want to hit my hair with a flat iron or curling iron, I’ll slide on a headband. These also work beautifully for second- and third-day curled hair. I prefer to wear headbands without a part. I typically slide the accessory back toward my forehead a tad after putting it on to give the illusion of more volume around my face.


6. Beach Waves

Tousled, beachy waves are a summertime beauty staple. These can be achieved even if you don’t have curly hair by applying the right product to bring out more of your hair’s natural texture. I like Ouai Wave Spray for a soft, mermaid-esk look, and it doesn’t make my hair feel crunchy after application. If you have straight hair, you may need a product with more hold to achieve this style. See everything I use to create beachy waves here.

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More Easy Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

There you have it! My 6 go-to easy summer hairstyles. I’m constantly pinning hairstyle inspiration, so check out my Timeless Hairstyles Pinterest board if you’re looking for similar content. If you’re a blonde like me and love browsing hair colors, I think you’ll like this board as well.

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Which of the easy summer hairstyles was your favorite? Do you like more of a classic look, an effortless boho vibe, or youthful looks like braids and pigtails? Let me know in the commenting section below or on Instagram. xo!

6 Easy Hairstyles for Hot Summer Days6 Easy Hairstyles for Hot Summer Days6 Easy Hairstyles for Hot Summer Days6 Easy Hairstyles for Hot Summer Days6 Easy Hairstyles for Hot Summer Days