These Are the Beauty Items I’m Always Restocking

When it comes to beauty products, there are a handful that have become staples in my routine. They’re the ones I’m always reaching for because they’ve proven themselves reliable and effective over time. While it’s fun to try out something new, there’s nothing like having tried and true items you can return to year after year. These are the 9 beauty items I always find myself restocking.

1. Caudalie Lip Conditioner

You can ask my mother and she’ll tell you I was constantly asking for Chapstick growing up. I’m still that way today in the sense that I like to have something moisturizing on my lips at all times. This lip conditioner feels so soft and is effective in cold and warm weather. It’s also a great base for lipgloss or lipstick.

2. Jo Malone Perfume in Mimosa and Cardamom

I think Jo Malone is the pinnacle of feminine, natural scents. While their fragrances are created to be combined, I love wearing Mimosa and Cardamom on it’s own. It’s both floral and warm – a unique pairing that somehow makes it wonderful for everyday use. David is not one to notice perfumes, but he loves when I wear this one!

3. MAC Lipstick in Creme de Nude

I prefer emphasizing my eyes rather than my lips. You’ll rarely see me with a bright red or dark shade of lipstick. MAC Creme de Nude is light, but not too light. It’s great in the summer when my skin has a touch of color. I love to lightly line my lips and pair this shade with a smokey eye for date night.

4. BECCA Blush in Snapdragon

Blush is one of those challenges in the makeup world because what looks stunning on someone else may not suit your skin tone. I tend to gravitate towards peachy or apricot undertones because they me give a natural flush and compliment my coloring without making me look garish. A little bit of this BECCA blush in snapdragon goes a long way, so I usually dab it lightly on the apples of my cheeks.

beauty items i'm always restocking

5. Bare Minerals Stroke of Light

Stroke of Light is an under-eye brightener that I use daily. It brings an awake, youthful look to your entire face, doesn’t clump or easily rub off, and doesn’t cause congestion. I swipe a tiny bit under my eyes and push it into my skin with my ring fingers or a beauty blender. This concealer and mascara are my staple products for my daily “no makeup” look.

6. Lancôme Highlighter in Luminous Gold

I’d used an RMS highlighter for about two years before stumbling on this highlighter in Luminous Gold. It’s more pigmented and has a gold (rather than pearl) finish, but I love it for my skin tone and hair color. The formula feels creamy and can be dabbed on for a soft glow or built for a noticeable beam. I use my pointer finger to swipe it along the high edge of my cheekbones, the cupid’s bow above my lip, and along the bridge of my nose.

7. MAC Eyeshadow in Brun

Brun is one of my secrets. This product is sold as an eyeshadow, but I use it to fill my brows! I heard about Brun from a beauty blogger about 5 years ago. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s kind of a magical shade because regardless of whether you’re blonde, brunette, or even red-headed, somehow it makes your brows look full and natural (see examples of Brun on different hair colors here, here, and here!). Even with the beauty market’s influx of eyebrow lines over the last few years, I prefer using Brun to the cream-based brow products because I find it has more staying power, looks incredibly natural, and doesn’t cause breakouts.

8. NYX Eye Pencil in Taupe

NYX’s eye pencil in taupe is another product I use in an unexpected way – as a lip liner! This is my go to for a slightly more dramatic, yet natural, nude lip. I don’t like looking like I have lip liner on, so this is soft while containing enough pigment to give you a fuller lip. I usually line with this pencil and wear the Creme de Nude lipstick mentioned above.

9. GrandeLASH MD

While I don’t use GrandeLASH year-round because I think it’s good to let your lashes take a breather, I love using this product 1-2 months out from an important event. I used this prior to our wedding and it really works. I never experienced irritation and it usually lasts me 6-9 months.

What are your staple beauty items? Do you have any beauty items you’ve loved for years, or have you used any of the products I mentioned? I would love to hear! Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram, @natalie.yerger.