4 Easy Ways to Revamp an Outfit

The benefit of routine has been a popular topic in recent years, from how we spend our time to how we work and socialize. Fashion isn’t absent from the conversation—capsule wardrobes are increasingly common, and I advocate for wardrobe essentials that make getting dressed easier. But no matter how well our closets are stocked, there will always be times when we feel like we have “nothing to wear.” And when that happens, consider it a sign to drum up your creativity to create fresh, chic fall outfits!

Today I’m sharing share four ways to breath a little life into your fall looks. So read through, take notes, and then head to the drawing board of your closet to try something you haven’t before—or scroll to the bottom of the post for my seasonal picks from Nordstrom if you find yourself needing to fill any gaps.

chic fall outfits

Outfit Details: Faux Fur Jacket, Good American Bodysuit, Citizens of Humanity Jeans, Sam Edelman Sneakers, Bag (old, similar here)


I love a wool hat as much as the next girl, but don’t stop there with fall accessories. Play with a silk scarf like I did (around the neck, in your hair, as a bag accent) or add a belt over outerwear or a dress. Layer gold jewelry over a crewneck or turtleneck sweater for a touch of feminine. As the weather cools off, a plaid or solid scarf can take a look from cute to truly eye-catching, like this.


Faux fur, shearling, leather, twill, silk, satin, suede. Fall is the season to play with mixing textures. To me, faux fur and buttery leather will always be at the top of the list, but you can pair any for contrast. A few ideas to get your wheels spinning: a knit sweater with a smooth slip skirt, approachable, mid-wash denim with a luxe faux fur jacket, or twill houndstooth pants with a smooth elastane bodysuit. 

Color and Pattern

I’ve written an entire post about how to make your fall outfits pop using color, but one trick I haven’t shared is to lay your clothes out on a flat surface, like a bed or dresser, when pairing colors and patterns. If you’re visual like me, this will make finding what coordinates much easier. Edit and edit until the mix feels just right, and enjoy the process! This, this, and this are a few of my favorite fall outfits incorporating colors, stripes, or pattern.


Layering for the fall is easy when you have strategic pieces of clothing in your closet. Having a solid collection of staple sweaters and lightweight jackets is, of course, a good start. But don’t forget about your summer and spring pieces, which can be repurposed for the fall. Try a cotton button-up underneath a shacket, wear boots and a leather jacket with a short sleeve jumpsuit, or layer an oversized sweater over your favorite summer dress.

Do you get a little bored with your outfits at any point during the season? Let me know in the comments. And a friendly reminder to check out my curated picks below to add a little oomph to your fall style using the tips above. They’re all from Nordstrom, one of my favorite shopping destinations for its wide variety of brands, constant new arrivals, and quick shipping options.

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