Dyson Airwrap Long Barrel Review + Results on Long Hair

Dyson airwrap long barrel review

I’ve been using the Airwrap for over a year now, so I was excited to finally find the Dyson Airwrap long barrels in stock and try them out on my long hair!

Today I’m sharing a review of the long barrel attachments, including a long barrel vs. short barrel comparison, as well as thoughts on whether the long barrels are easier to use, make the curls last longer, and style hair faster.

dyson long barrel vs short barrel comparison
dyson airwrap long barrel results on long hair

Dyson Airwrap Long Barrel Review

I have so many good things to say about the long barrels. They truly are game-changing if you have chest-length hair or longer and find yourself getting frustrated that the standard barrels don’t pick up or firmly hold your hair.

I loved the Airwrap already (you can read my original review here), but with the long barrels I was able to experience the beauty of the tool as Dyson intended it.

I used to watch the tutorial videos and think, ‘How does it pick up her hair so easily?’ and ‘Why won’t it hold my hair like that?’

The answer for me was the longer barrels (keep in mind, Dyson now also sells the Airwrap with long barrels—more on this below).

These work so much better because they’re able to pick up the full length of my hair (with the normal barrels I could only get 1/3-1/2 of the strand).

As a result, the longer barrel attachments are time saving and easier to use. I highly recommend them for anyone with chest-length hair or longer.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Long Version

At the time I originally published this review, the long barrels were only available to purchase separately. This meant that most people would need to buy an Airwrap Complete and buy a set of the long barrels.

I’m so excited to share that Dyson now offers a long version of the Airwrap, the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long, that includes the long barrels with purchase!

If you’re considering buying an Airwrap, I highly recommend the long version. The barrels will work better on medium and long hair, and even if you have short hair, it will work just as well on you and prevent you from needing to buy the long barrels separately if you grow your hair out down the road.

Dyson Airwrap Long Barrels vs. Dyson Airwrap Short Barrels

Below are photos of me curling my hair using the the long 1.2” barrel (top row) and the normal 1.2” barrel (bottom row).

With the shorter barrels, I have to manually wrap my hair as I get further up, and my hair ends up wrapping on itself.

I always find myself having to manually hold my hair on the airwrap with the short barrels.

This isn’t the case with the long barrels as the airflow is able to reach the entire hair section and hold it firmly.

how to use the dyson airwrap long barrels
dyson long barrel attachment results on long hair
dyson short barrel attachment results on long hair
how to use dyson airwrap short barrels

Long Barrels vs. Short Barrels: Similarities and Differences

Here’s an overview of the similarities and differences between the Dyson Airwrap long barrels and normal barrels:

  • The long barrels are two inches longer than the standard barrels. Those extra inches make a huge difference if you have long hair.
  • The long barrels are available in 1.2” and 1.6” widths, just like the normal curling barrels.
  • Both come in several colors, including blue, copper, fuchsia, and purple.
  • The long barrels have a 1-year warranty. The short barrels have a 2-year warranty (comes with the Dyson Airwrap Complete).
  • Both use the coanda effect to give you a salon-like blowout without extreme heat.

Here’s a side by side of the 1.2” long barrels, the 1.2” normal barrels, and the 1.6” normal barrels so you can see how they compare:

dyson barrel attachments comparison

Do the Long Airwrap Barrels Work Faster?

For me, yes. I’ve timed myself, and the long barrels take me 20 minutes from wet to dry versus 30 minutes with the normal.

The benefit of the long isn’t so much about time savings but the ease of the process and the final look.

Dyson Airwrap Long Barrel Lengths and Dimensions

Dyson offers long Airwrap barrels in two widths: 1.2” and 1.6”. Both are two inches longer (7.31”) than the normal barrels (5.29”). Here’s how I use them:

Dyson 1.2” Airwrap Long Barrels: For smaller curls or waves. I work in smaller sections with this attachment and find the curls last a little longer.

Dyson 1.6” Airwrap Long BarrelsFor looser curls or waves. I love them when I’m in a rush (they pick up large sections of hair) and for touching up curls from the day before.

dyson airwrap long barrel review
dyson airwrap long barrel curls results
dyson airwrap curls brushed out

Tips for Using the Long Barrel Attachments

There is definitely a learning curve to using the Dyson Airwrap hair styler, but I like to think that practice makes perfect.

Watching Dyson’s video tutorials has been hugely helpful for me in getting the most out of it.

A few other tips for using the long barrels:

  • Try the Airwrap on your hair at varying levels of dampness. It’s ideal for me when my hair reaches about 60% dry. 
  • Use small sections, especially if you have thick or wavy hair.
  • Eliminate unwanted frizz before curling with the barrels by using the pre-drying styler, the smoothing attachment, and a lightweight frizz product. I get a brazilian blowout treatment 2-3x per year to help with frizz.
  • Spritz hairspray before and after for longer-lasting curls.
  • Brush your hair out at the end if you want to minimize the Shirley Temple effect.

Where to Buy Dyson Airwrap Long Barrels

The longer barrel attachments are sold separately or can be included in the Dyson Airwrap Customized set. If you don’t have an Airwrap yet, can buy the Airwrap refurbished on sale and purchase the long barrels separately.

I bought my long barrels at Nordstrom but Dyson, Sephora, Ulta, Best Buy, and Amazon have carried them.

Keep in mind that the long barrels are frequently out of stock. I had to wait several months to find mine—I think they’re a popular item since they make such a difference on long hair!

dyson airwrap attachments overview

Airwrap Long Barrels FAQs

Is there a Dyson Airwrap for long hair?

At one point Dyson offered an Airwrap Complete Long, which included the long barrels in place of the standard ones. Dyson offers a customization option on its website in select countries, like Dyson Canada, which allows you to choose one or more long barrel attachments for your set.

The only place I’ve seen the Airwrap Complete Long in stock is refurbished on websites like eBay.

I’ve yet to see it on the US Dyson website, so it’s likely you’ll have to purchase your long barrels separately if you live in the states.

What’s the difference between the Dyson Airwrap and the Dyson Airwrap Long?

The Dyson Airwrap Long’s curling barrels are 50% longer than the barrels included in the original Dyson Airwrap.

Both sets include six attachments, but the curling barrels in the Airwrap Long are 7.31” long whereas the curling barrels in the standard Airwrap are 5.29” long. Again, the Long Airwrap set is usually not available in the US.

What size barrels does the Dyson Airwrap come with?

The standard Dyson Airwrap Complete comes with six different attachments: three brush attachments, two sets of barrels, and a pre-styling dryer. Here’s a Dyson Airwrap Styler attachment guide:

  • Pre-Styling Dryer: For partially drying your hair before styling with one of the other attachments.
  • 1.6” Normal Length Barrels: For loose curls and voluminous waves.
  • 1.2” Normal Length Barrels: For tight curls and waves.
  • Round Volumizing Brush: I use it to create volume around my part.
  • Firm Smoothing Brush: For smoothing coarse hair types.
  • Soft Smoothing Brush: For smoothing fine hair types.

Can you use the Dyson long barrels on short hair?

The long barrels work for any length! My sister has collarbone-length hair and has used both the short and long barrels when visiting.

She doesn’t need the long barrels, but they give her extra space to manipulate the hair as it’s being curled.

Do the Dyson Airwrap long barrels fit in the case?

I can fit all the attachments from my Airwrap Complete and my long barrels in my storage case if I lay all barrels on their sides.

Do the curls last longer with the long barrel?

No, the Airwrap long barrels don’t make the curls last any longer. I use hairspray before and after styling to help with hold.

Can you use the Dyson Airwrap long barrel with other Dyson products?

One of my most frequently asked questions is whether or not the Dyson Airwrap attachments attach to the Dyson hair dryer. Unfortunately, no. The attachments only work with the Airwrap.

I’m a huge fan of Dyson hair tools, so if you’re on the fence about any of their products or want to know whether they’re right for your hair type, check out my Dyson Airwrap review, Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer review, and Dyson Corrale Cordless Straightener review.

They include pros and cons, before and afters, and a breakdown of who should (and shouldn’t) invest in them.

Feel free to send me a message on Instagram with any questions!