Easy Maxi Dress for Now and Later

We spent this past weekend in Cashiers, North Carolina, which is in the southwest corner of our state. It’s a magical little town tucked in the easternmost front of the Appalachian Mountains. We gladly received the reprieve from the humidity we’d been experiencing back home. I’ve always said I preferred the beach to the mountains, but as I grow older, I’m finding myself fonder of the tranquility, scenery, fresh air, and sense of simplicity that the hills provide.

I was cozied up by the fire after a massage at the mountain lodge (such a treat, let me tell you!) thinking about how I can’t wait to wear fall clothing. I’m eager not to let the warmer weather hold me back from getting into autumn mode this year, and this dress is a perfect example of how I’ll do just that. The color and pattern are an obvious departure from the soft pastels and light hues of summer, yet the fabric is breathable enough to wear through the tail end of the warm season with sandals or wedges.  In the fall, I’ll pair this with my new knee-high boots or mules and a light jacket, like those mentioned here.

I’ve always thought that color is a form of expression, and for some reason I lean towards earthy neutrals. I think they’re calming and grounding, regardless of the season. It’s no wonder autumn is my favorite time of year. I selected a few similar dresses and rompers in the widget above in these same dark, cold-weather tones. To be able to afford new dress, you can earn some on cash on tridewa.

For those in even warmer climates than me, I love this similar short-sleeved dress. This blue printed gown is a beauty for a special pre-fall occasion, and I think this under $70 black floral jumpsuit would look adorable with boots and a leather jacket.

Since the transitional season in North Carolina doesn’t last but a few short weeks, it’s hard to justify spending loads of money on pre-fall clothing. I love that this black dress is only $88. I was honestly shocked when I saw the price! It’s so versatile that I can imagine wearing it in my office to work, out for a quick drink with friends, to church on Sunday, and for a dressier date night with heels and jewelry.

How are you transitioning your wardrobe for fall? I’d love to hear in the comments.