Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Holiday Gift Guide for Him 2018

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While I didn’t solicit David’s help in creating this gift guide for men, I’m taking from my experience of gifting to him over our three years of marriage. Suffice it to say that I have certainly gotten better at finding gifts I know he’ll love. From clothing to accessories, tech gadgets, and even skin care, today I’m covering my favorite gifts for the guy in your life and why I recommend them.

Gifts for Him

Woven Belt / This belt is a splurge, but if there’s one thing that pulls together a man’s outfit, it’s his belt and shoes. Plus, he’ll have it for years to come. I love the timeless brass buckle on this one.

Monogram Coasters / I got David 8 of these monogrammed coasters for his man room this year (shh!). I know he’ll be excited to have a manly coaster to set down his drinks, as we currently are using agate ones!

Copper Fire Pit / I bought David a similar copper fire pit last year for Christmas, and he loves it. We use it at least once a month in the colder seasons.

Art of Shaving Kit / This TSA-approved kit includes the 4 elements of a perfect shave. It’s also 20% off and under $100 before Christmas.

AG Jeans / One of the most versatile pairs of men’s denim out there. Just as wonderful for casual Friday at the office as they are for football games and breweries.

Whiskey Lover Kit / Whiskey stones are a common item on wish lists, but this kit takes it up a notch with two tumblers and a tiny notebook and pencil for recording tasting notes.

Comb / This affordable, pocket-sized comb is an item he’ll use daily. I love the tortoiseshell design.

Pendleton Blanket / David bought two of these for himself last year, so I know they’re man-approved. We use them outdoors by the firepit, but they’re also perfect for a man cave or for packing up on a camping trip.

Beer Caddy / This classy caddy is a great way to transport his favorite brews to a BYOB event, concert, or BBQ.

Clinique for Men Starter Skincare Kit / It’s a simple fact that most men don’t take good enough care of their skin. I bought this set for David last year for Christmas with the hopes of encouraging him to pay more attention to it, and now when he runs out he’s anxious for me to order more. A must have for your guy!

More Gifts I Love for Him

Gold Money Clip / This beautiful money clip is both stylish and encouraging, with “THINK” engraved on its side.

The Fly Fisher Book / David constantly talks about fly fishing as one of his favorite past times growing up. This book is both informative and beautiful, making for a great conversation starter in the “man room” of your home or his office.

Wool Stadium Cushion / Bring a comfortable seat to outdoor events with this cozy stadium cushion, made from 100% sheep’s wool.