5 Easy Holiday Hairstyles [with Tutorials]

Though many of the usual holiday traditions just won’t be possible this year, one of the best ways to hold on to the joy of the season is finding creative ways to connect with loved ones.

And whether it’s a virtual Zoom party, a small in-person gathering, or a date night in, you’ll need a holiday hairstyle to go along with your Christmas party look.

Below, I’m sharing five easy DIY holiday hairstyles and the tools you need to replicate them at home.


I love this holiday hairstyle idea as a day to night option when you’re short on time. It works well if your everyday hairstyle is simple loose curls and gives you a chance to show off one your hair accessories.

Holiday hairstyle with a bow barrette:

  1. Create loose curls using the Dyson airwrap or Dyson hair dryer and your curling iron
  2. Pulling from both sides at the hairline, secure 1” sections with bobby pins at the back of the head
  3. Use a bow barrette to cover the pins for added security and a bit of charm


This classic hair look has been my favorite as of late! It has a retro, old Hollywood flare, which makes it eye-catching. Try pairing it with a red lip for a truly glam style.

How to create a classic waves holiday hairstyle:

  1. Dry your hair until it’s damp and fairly straight
  2. Create a side part
  3. Section your hair (top and bottom) with hair clips
  4. Curl your hair away from your face (I use the Dyson airwrap), and repeat throughout your hair
  5. Let the curls cool, then comb through them to create classic waves
  6. Set the look with a flexible hairspray or dry shampoo at the roots


Easy holiday hairstyles are the name of the game when our minds are overwhelmed with to-dos like making sure gifts are sent by shipping deadlines. This is as easy as it gets! It works for all hair lengths and can be done last minute.

Holiday party hairstyle with headband:

  1. Dry your hair to damp with the Dyson blow dryer or Airwrap
  2. Section your hair (top and bottom)
  3. Using the 1.6” airwrap attachment (or a curling wand), manually wrap small sections around the barrel
  4. Hold each section until the hair is dry, then press the cool blast for 15 seconds to set the curl
  5. Repeat throughout your hair, alternating directions as you go
  6. Set the curl with a spritz of hairspray
  7. Slip a headband behind your ears (one inch from the front of the hairline or parallel to the ears both look cute)


A high ponytail is one of my favorite looks sported by the likes of Gigi Hadid, Zendaya, and Blake Lively. This looks especially pretty if you have long hair, but if your hair is short or medium-length, the steps below could work for a low ponytail as well.

Easy hairstyle with a ponytail:

  1. Flip your head over and give yourself a quick dry blowout, making sure to dry the hair up at the root and in the same direction (the Dyson blow dryer is amazing for this)
  2. Part your hair in half from ear to ear, then tie up the top part in a half ponytail, using a bristle brush to smooth your hair as you gather it
  3. To complete the ponytail, brush the rest of your hair up and join it with the already-tied ponytail
  4. Secure the high pony all together with a bungee elastic (I learned about these from my hairstylist and they are SO much better than a traditional hair tie!)


More elegant than a top knot yet less formal than a traditional updo, a low bun takes mere minutes to do at home. If you’re more advanced, you can try a chignon a la red carpet Selena Gomez. For a simpler take, a low messy bun with twists and braiding looks just as chic.

How to create a low bun for a holiday party:

  1. Create a center part or side part (whichever you prefer) with a comb
  2. Brush your hair back until it’s completely smooth—I like to use a leave-in treatment to keep flyaways at bay and to add some shine for a sleek look
  3. Secure the low ponytail with hair bands (I use 2-3!)
  4. If you have layers, braid the ponytail loosely to prevent stray hairs, then wrap it around the base. If you have a blunt cut, you can skip the braid and begin wrapping.
  5. Once it’s wrapped, secure the twist with two hair ties
  6. Tame any flyaways with bobby pins or hairspray

Holiday Hairstyle Essentials

Most of the holiday party hairstyles can also be recreated with a combination of the styling tools you have at home, but the Dyson Hair Dryer and Dyson Airwrap are hands down the BEST ways to achieve these styles.

I own both, and together they have completely transformed my routine. My hair has never looked healthier. It’s also never looked so voluminous or bouncy, and it honestly has nothing to do with me—it’s all the Dyson tools.

The Airwrap and the Supersonic Hair Dryer are worthwhile investments for your hairstyles year-round, but they also make for wonderful gift ideas.

For as long as I can remember, Nordstrom has been one of my favorite resources for beauty tools and gifts. They have an amazing selection of Dyson beauty products, including the Dyson hair dryer, airwrap, and corrale straightener. I also love this limited-edition copper version of the Supersonic.

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If you’re curious to learn more about the Dyson tools, be sure to check out my Dyson Hair Dryer Review and my Airwrap Review. And don’t hesitate to DM me on Instagram if you have any questions about them! I love chatting with you guys.

Thank you to Nordstrom x Dyson for sponsoring this post.