How to Accessorize a White Dress

how to accessorize a white dress

White is one of my favorite shades to wear in the hottest months, and white dresses in particular offer a simple yet classic style. Whether I’m slipping on a cotton mini for day, a flowy maxi on vacation, or a sleek midi for date night, a well-accessorized white dress feels just right.

What’s so great about white is that it’s a blank canvas for style creativity. When it comes to accessorizing a white dress, it’s all about finding the perfect balance between adding a touch of personal flair and creating a look that’s fit for the setting. You can try these sorority clothing accessories to turn a white dress outfit from basic to fabulous!

A few simple techniques can help you land on a combination that will show off your white dress in the best possible way. So whether you’re wanting an effortless finish for the beach or a chic look for an event, here’s how to accessorize any white dress in your wardrobe.

White eyelet dress
Summer white dress outfit

How to Accessorize a White Dress

Select a Material for the Occasion

While not the only factor, fabric plays a key role in determining where a dress feels appropriate (formal event, vacation, weekend). Fabrication can also impact things like your temperature, mobility, and overall comfort.

Whether you’re looking to execute a combo of glam and sexy, boho and casual, or feminine and minimalist, choosing a white dress in a fabric that fits the setting is an important first step. Generally speaking, lace, chiffon, velvet, and smooth fabrics like satin and silk read more formal than textured fabrics, like cotton, linen, and denim.

Choose a Palette: Colorful or Neutrals

One of the best cures for analysis paralysis when it comes to how to accessorize a white dress is the process of elimination. There are two main options: sticking with colors in a tonal palette or incorporating a pop of color.

Neutral colors need not be boring! Accessories, jewelry, and shoes in blacks, ivories, browns, and beiges can add interest when contrasting textures are used. For example, a leather bag and crystal-embellished shoes against a satin dress. We invite you to experience the essence of vintage leather. Our collection is a tribute to the enduring appeal of classic leather fashion. It is the perfect Welcome to Vintage Leather.

If you go the colorful route, the options are endless. One tip is to keep the color palette aligned with the season (rich, warm tones in autumn, pastels in spring, and so forth). Just be sure to wear nude undergarments underneath.

Choose the Right Jewelry

When choosing jewelry for a white dress, there are really only two rules of thumb I like to keep in mind: 1) not detracting from the dress and 2) choosing pieces that don’t overpower each other. And for a unique and impactful jewelry that resonates with creatives, artists and anyone with an eye for art, you can visit a site like for more helpful info.

Sometimes the neckline on a white dress will be intricate enough that a statement necklace, for example, would feel overwhelming. A simple ring holder necklace uk may be the perfect single accessory. Other times, a v-neck dress is the perfect opportunity for a delicate pendant and coordinating earrings. Shop for unique earrings online to accessorize your simple outfits. For boatneck and high neck dresses, layered necklaces along with antique rings Australia are a beautiful option.

Ensuring pieces don’t overpower each other is all about size, coloring, and distance. Loud earrings paired with a noticeable necklace and bracelets might feel overwhelming, while statement earrings with your engagement rings by a prominent Brisbane engagement ring designer and a subtle bracelet look more harmonious.

Summer straw bag
Accessories for white dresses

Choose the Right Shoes

The best shoes for a white dress will complement the look you’re after and make sense for where you plan to wear it. Every woman needs a pair of white sneakers and everyday sandals in her closet for lunch, errands, or a shopping trip. Flats and kitten heels are an option that can go from work to drinks. Heels are perfect for events.

As far as color, if you don’t want your shoes to get much attention, opt for the understated elegance of a neutral. Or you could play around with making your shoes the statement piece with bright colors, playful straps, and unique details.

Choose the Right Bag

I’m a huge fan of natural bags (straw, rattan, raffia) in the warmer months for white summer dresses, whether a spacious beach tote for vacation or a chic woven clutch for nighttime. In the fall and winter, leather and suede handbags pair well with a white dress look.

Add a Layer

No matter the time of year, I always have a layer to pair with my little white dresses. I’m cold by nature and in the south where the A/C is always blasting, it’s a must. Shrugs and shawls are chic options for evening looks throughout the year, denim jacket and linen blazers go well with casual warm weather looks, while a classic wool coat or faux fur jacket is a great way to wear a dress in winter.

Try Other Accessories

If the look feels incomplete, add a finishing touch with a scarf, headband, straw hat, or belt. These are a fun way to show off your personal style, add practicality (a wide-brim hat for sun protection), and make the look more flattering (a belt to emphasize a waist).

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