Long Denim Skirt Outfits

Long Denim Skirt Outfits

I’ll be the first to admit that it took me a while to warm up to long denim skirts. I always take my time deciding to take or leave fashion trends, first seeing how much sticking power they have and then evaluating whether they mesh with what’s already in my wardrobe. What finally convinced me to embrace them was the flood of options that are tailored and refined, with elements like classic 5-pocket styling, high waists, and darker washes that are right in line with my personal style.

My latest addition, this Reformation skirt, is already working overtime in my wardrobe. Of course, it’s fun to be on trend, but from a style perspective, long denim skirts bring a lot of versatility to your closet. They offer endless outfit possibilities, from casual looks for errands to dressed up ensembles for events. Speaking of versatility, I prefer my denim skirts to hit at the ankle or higher. While longer versions can work, I find it easier to style shorter options with both flat shoes and heels.

Now, let’s dive into the fun part—styling them! To me, the best long denim skirt outfits are on-trend yet timeless, relaxed yet chic. Here are some tips for styling long denim skirts, long denim skirt outfit ideas, and long denim skirts to shop.

Long Denim Skirt Outfits
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3 Long Denim Skirt Outfits to Try


One way to do it is with a simple t-shirt, tank, crop top, or button down and flats. I like tucking in any of these casual tops and using a belt to defined the waist. Paired with ballet flats, sneakers, or sandals depending on the temperature, this is an easy laid back option. You can tweak the look for the season, like with a light sweater layered over your shoulders for the transitional months. When in doubt, sticking to the casual top, belt, and flat shoe formula looks balanced and pulled together.


Another option is to create a dressy look like I did above. This can be as easy as getting rid of the belt and swapping the casual top for a pretty blouse (peplum styles work great in the summertime). In the fall and winter, dressy long sleeve tops, elevated bodysuits, and textural sleeveless sweaters are all great options. A heeled shoe brings the dressy feel home, whether that’s a mule like what’s shown on me above, a stiletto bootie, or a dressy tall boot.


The third option and something I’m excited to experiment with this fall is to layer either a dressy or casual denim maxi skirt look underneath a third piece, like a jacket, coat, or blazer. I think the easiest way to do this is with a simple top tucked into the skirt with a standard length blazer overtop. With a heeled shoe (it doesn’t have to be dressy—a block heeled mule or boot can keep the look on the casual side), this keeps the outfit feeling proportional and is perfect for evening or a chillier day.

Long Denim Skirt Styling Tips

Regardless of how you style your long denim skirts, my biggest tip is the balance proportions to create a cohesive outfit. The fit of the skirt is crucial! I touched on length above, but avoiding overly tight and overly loose options will make it easier to style. Here are a few other little things to keep in mind as you’re shopping for and styling denim skirts.


Balance the length of the skirt with the rest of the outfit. For voluminous and fabric heavy skirts, try a tighter or more fitted top.


I personally love a little height and length by way of heels or heeled boots when I’m wearing longer skirts, but if your skirt hits at the right spot, a flat can work just as well.

Mind the Wash and Hem:

Darker washes tend to look more formal while lighter washes read casual. I love a light wash or white wash long skirt in the spring and summer, though! Raw hems are popular right now, but closed hems can be dressed up and down more easily. And don’t skip out on non-blue washes for an unexpected twist!

When In Doubt, Tuck:

Unless the top has a detailed hem (peplum, etc.), tucking is a great way to define the waist and add polish, especially when a belt is added overtop.

It Doesn’t Have to Feel Trendy:

Trends are all about taking what’s on-trend and giving them your own spin. Most of the street style and runway looks we’re seeing are very fashion forward, but you can tone that down by bringing elements of your personal style into the look. A leather jacket if you lean edgy, a peplum top if you lean preppy, a white button down if you lean minimalist. Make it work for you!

Long Denim Skirts to Shop

Below are some beautiful long jean skirt options at every price point from some of my favorite retailers, like MANGO, Reformation, and Saks, and in a variety of lengths, shapes, and washes.

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