The Things I Always Keep in My Gym Bag

The Things I Always Keep in My Gym Bag

Details: Nike Pullover, Leggings, Sneakers (similar here), Gym Bag, Hydroflask

In the age of athleisure and fitness gadgets, it can be hard to know what’s essential for your trip to the gym. One thing I’ve learned is that the less complicated my setup is, the more likely I am to get in a workout! Growing up as a tomboy, I was a shadow to my brother and always interested in sports and anything competitive. That has stayed with me into my late 20s. I love to exercise and take care of my body and see it as a form of self-care. While it doesn’t take much more than a willing mindset to get in a good sweat, below is a list of things I always have in my gym bag.

1. Ankle Weights

I use my ankle weights for concentrated lower and upper body exercises. It’s amazing how just 2 or 3 pounds can create a burn. They’re adjustable and washing machine-friendly.

2. Gliders

Gliders are a favorite for ab and leg exercises. The pair I own work on carpet and hardwoods.

3. Nike Slides

One of my favorite feelings is slipping into these Nike Benassi slides post-workout. They’re less than $25 and come in a variety of fun colors.

The Things I Always Keep in My Gym Bag

4. Large Water Bottle

I try to drink 32 ounces of water before exercise and sip from my Hydroflask throughout. This flask comes with me everywhere: from my nightstand to work, errands, meals, and the gym. If you’re looking for something smaller, I love this glass water bottle.

5. AirPods

I’m highly motivated by music! My AirPods took getting used to, but I love that I can reach for my water or the levers on a treadmill without a wire getting in the way.

6. Athleta Leggings

Athleta’s Elation line is a favorite for everyday gym wear. I wear them for circuit training, walking, and running. They feel like butter and last for years.

7. Headband

I can’t workout without this classic black headband for fly-aways. A testament to Lululemon’s quality, I’ve had this headband for 5 years.

8. Protein Bar

If I workout in the morning, I’ll make my protein shake for breakfast at home. If my workout gets pushed to the afternoon, No Cow or Raw Revolution bar. Both are under 200 calories with 10+ grams of protein and 13+ grams of fiber.