Weekend Notes

Happy weekend! I’m excited to re-introduce this weekly series on NatalieYerger.com: Weekend Notes! Every week there’s so much that I share across Instagram, Pinterest, and here on the blog, so I wanted to create a place where you can easily find everything.

In this series every Friday, you’ll find links to my most recent blog posts and outfits, popular link requests, and reader FAQs.

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1. Where is the light in your living room from?

I get asked this weekly—I wish I knew! The light was there when we moved in. If I ever find something similar, I’ll be sure to share.

2. What is the BBL skin treatment that you shared on Instagram stories?

The BBL (Broad Band Light) is a laser that removes pigmentation and signs of aging. I do the ‘Forever Young’ protocol, which basically ages you in reverse. More of my skin routines here and in my IG skin highlight here.

3. What was it like to travel to the Turks & Caicos during COVID?

The Turks required a negative antigen test within 5 days of arrival, and you must test negative upon returning to the U.S. Everyone wore masks, and the island has a very low infection rate. We fly Delta because they keep the middle seats open. We felt very safe throughout the trip!

4. Do you have a lookalike for the white Rhode resort dress you shared?

Yes! This under $100 option is beautiful. Original look pictured here.

5. What makeup do you wear on a daily basis?

This concealer (in 2), this bronzer (in Luminous Light), this blush (in Ecstasy), this eyeliner, and this mascara.

Weekly Favorites

Most popular content & what I’m loving lately.

  1. How I went back to my natural hair color after it was damaged from bleach.
  2. Loving these velcro sneakers for spring.
  3. The vegan protein I use in my smoothies.
  4. Everything I packed for the Turks & Caicos.
  5. An interesting read about your skin on stress.
  6. Eyeing this Yeti outdoor blanket for spring/summer.
  7. 25+ beautiful spring bags for every budget.
  8. Honest thoughts on the Dyson Airwrap vs. the Dyson Dryer.
  9. Love this midi dress (Amazon lookalike also linked).
  10. A roundup of the best jeans for spring.