What I’m Packing for California

If you follow me over on Instagram, you know that we’re headed to California in a few days! Between everything I’ve been juggling to prepare for a month away, packing will likely happen the day before my flight. I’ve been watching the forecast in San Diego and am so excited because we’re in for mild, sunny days, which is just perfection because the weather is the #1 thing we miss about living on the west coast!

Our rental is small, so my goal is to bring versatile pieces I can mix and match. We’ll be working as usual but also plan to take a few road trips, find activities in the city (can’t wait for the zoo!), hit the beach, and try local coffee shops and restaurants.

Luggage & Travel Organization

Things I know for sure are coming with me are my skin care, makeup, and hair tools. This cosmetic travel case (size medium) is the best $25 spent—it holds all my makeup, including my brushes. I usually store my perfume bottle in there as well to keep it from breaking during travel. I use this case for my Dyson hair dryer and these zippered cases for skin care and toiletries.

As for my checked bags, I use this portable luggage scale from Amazon to avoid surprise overages! These packing cubes are magical for fitting more in your suitcase—they compress and save a ton of space. I’ll take this weekender as my carry-on and the tall tote and pouches I shared here for my laptop and other belongings on the plane.


When it comes to apparel, it’s safe to say I’m feeling a little overwhelmed! I typically make a list of outfits based on what we’ll be up to, but wow, it’s so hard to narrow down for a month-long trip.

On the bright side, the process of elimination is already helping me see what I use the absolute most, so I thought it’d be fun to share a list of 12 things that have made the cut so far. I’m excited to share the looks I end up mixing and matching throughout the month of August—I’ll be posting them on Instagram and in the Shop!

  1. Exercise Dress—My sister introduced me to this. The best $100 you will spend for an easy Saturday outfit with sandals or an active look for hiking, walks, tennis, etc.
  2. One Piece Swimsuit—A recent Amazon find! It has ruffles and a low back. See it on me here.
  3. Slide Sandals—Not the most chic but easy to throw on. I’ve been considering APL slides, which have a similar vibe but are prettier and have great reviews.
  4. White Sneakers—My most comfortable white sneakers by a landslide! If you like the clean lines on this pair, these are similar under $100.
  5. Heeled Sandals—I’ve been reaching for these for almost every date night so far this summer.
  6. Bodysuits—Abercrombie bodysuits have really impressed me RE cut and feel. I’m packing my tank and knit crossback suits.
  7. Long Cardigan (also here)—For early evenings when it dips into the 60s!
  8. Jean Shorts—These are my favorite pair to wear with a t-shirt or blouse. They also come in white.
  9. Summer Jeans—My most versatile blue jeans for summer! The length goes with sneakers, sandals, and heels.
  10. White Jeans—The white jeans under $100 I’ve worn most this year. See them on me here and here.
  11. Maxi Dress—I’ve raved about this one so much from the Nordstrom Sale. See it on me here.
  12. White Cotton Dress—Add sandals and I’ll be set for an afternoon wandering around! Also love this set.