What to Get From This Seasonal Beauty Sale

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The Sephora 20% off for Rouge members sale ends tonight, and while I’m pretty well stocked on my essentials, I thought it’d be fun to share my recommendations for you from the sale. Many of my favorites are included, and it’s a great time to refresh your beauty supplies before holiday parties or to grab gifts for loved ones.

Tom Ford Boys & Girls Lip Color

Luxurious doesn’t even begin to describe these lipsticks. They’re full coverage & long wearing yet feel as moisturizing as a gloss. You really only need 1 in a favorite color because they’re just that stunning. My favorites are Kyra and Monica, last mentioned here. I like Alistair or Ava for a nude, soft look too.

Laura Mercier Setting Powder

I love this setting powder for its matte finish and its ability to really make makeup stay. I tend to use this when I do a full face of makeup, like for parties, date night, and girls’ nights. A little of this truly goes a long way!

Dior Eyeliner in Intense Brown

Even though this eyeliner is marketed as waterproof, it’s really a stay-all-day formula that comes off easily with face wash or makeup remover. The brown is the perfect tone to make your eyes (especially green or hazel!) pop. It is easily smudged within the first minute or so of application, which I love to do for date night.

GrandeLash Serum

This is the lash serum I used prior to my wedding and the only one I recommend to friends who ask about lash growth. I never get (or plan to get) false lashes, because they can be semi-naturally achieved through this serum. An old esthetician of mine didn’t even wear mascara at her wedding because this grew her lashes out so bold and long!

Sephora Beauty Sale

Tartest Gloss in Hella

Currently my favorite nude gloss to wear with a smokey eye. It has a high shine yet no sparkle, which I prefer.

Laura Mercier Primer

Every time I have a chance to work with makeup artists (shoots, weddings, anniversary photos), I always ask their favorites. This primer is a crowd favorite amongst those I’ve interacted with. Of all the primers I’ve tried, this one doesn’t break me out.

Tarte Blush in Sensual

In the pan, this blush looks almost too nude to make a difference. On fair to medium-toned skin, however, it’s the prettiest golden, apricot color. I love this in the fall when my skin isn’t as naturally tan, because it avoids looking too much like proper rouge and looks more like a sun-kissed, peachy glow.

Tan Luxe Self-Tan Drops for Face

Last mentioned in my Best Buys of October, you only need 1-2 drops of this oil mixed with your moisturizer to begin to gradually add a glow to your face and neck. It’s strong enough to give you results without making you look like, well, a pumpkin.

Looking for more fall beauty inspiration? Check out my post on The Beauty Products I’ll be Using This Fall, many of which are included in the Sephora Sale!