Why Every Closet Needs a Dark Floral Top

Why Every Closet Needs a Dark Floral Top

Now that September’s on our doorstep, I’m starting to resurrect my fall essentials. I’m a little embarrassed to admit: I never stored fall/winter last year. So there’s not a whole lot of resurrecting to be done! It’s been nice having everything I own in one spot, especially during the transitional months for mixing summer and fall styles. With everything in full view, I noticed that I have a thing for dark floral tops. Strapless, halter, long sleeve—you name it. And it got me thinking that every closet needs one.

The bandeau top (also love the sleeved version) above is the latest addition from my birthday trip to Charleston. It’s found a home right among my summer separates. Like this skort, and the dark shade makes it a natural fit with warm and rich fall pieces to come.

I thought it’d be fun to delve deeper and share a few benefits of having a dark floral blouse (or three) on hand, how I’ve worn them, and why they’re a wardrobe essential, especially for this time of year.

Why Every Closet Needs a Dark Floral Top

Why Every Closet Needs a Dark Floral Top

Dark Florals Are A Transitional Gem

I love dark florals year round, but I wear them most from August through November. They’re a transitional gem that pair with so many separates. The best part is, brands make them in summer silhouettes and fabrics (cotton bandeaus, linen spaghetti strap tops, etc.) and in styles for a brisk day (long sleeve blouses, feminine sweaters, etc.). There’s a dark floral out there to fit the bill, whether you live in a climate where fall is mild or somewhere where the weather gets chilly quickly.

Dark Florals Are Easy to Mix and Match

If you notice, most dark floral tops have a soft print set against a dark backdrop. The combo of light and dark makes them easy to pair with traditional summer colors like cream, pastels, whites, and beiges, and they’re equally as harmonious with rich fall colors like rust, golden yellow, olive, and chocolate brown. If you’re visual like me, try laying any dark floral blouse on your bed, then bring out a few summer and fall bottoms to see what goes well. You might be surprised at the options!

Dark Florals Have a Timeless, Elegant Feel

Floral prints have been around forever, giving them a timeless feel. They’re a go-to choice that resonate with both classic and contemporary styles (or a mix of the two, like I like to wear). I find floral prints in a deep color palette to be a little more sophisticated than ditsy, pastel florals and therefore easier to style for a wider variety of occasions. Tailored trousers for a professional look, with jeans for a casual chic look, with shorts and sandals for a relaxed vibe. The options are endless and easy because, at the end of the day, a dark floral blouse does the hard work for you by giving any look an elegant, feminine feel without much extra effort.

Why Every Closet Needs a Dark Floral Top
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