Going Back to My Natural Hair Color

Going Back to My Natural Hair Color

Over the last year, I started feeling a tug to go back to my natural color. I remember a time when this wouldn’t have even been a consideration because baby blonde hair was a part of my identity. After my first highlights at 16 years old (thanks, Mom!), I’ve experimented for a decade with highlights, lowlights, and even going brunette.

The desire to go natural grew from several places. Eventually, the color, heat, and stress on my wallet and time started to take a toll. I also had a relatively drastic personal transformation this year, connecting better with myself. As I peeled back the layers, I felt a desire to go more natural in general. I may pursue lighter hair again one day, but I’ll keep it closer to my natural color.

I thought it’d be fun to share my experience with you and tips for going natural if it’s a route you choose to take!

1. Be Strategic with Your Last Coloring

Unfortunately, my last full highlight pushed me over the edge to stop coloring altogether. That appointment left my hair over-processed and damaged. Rather than do a color correction, I decided to grow it out. The stylist who cuts my hair broke up some of the chunky highlights around my face with 5-10 foils at my next appointment in October, but since then we haven’t touched it. If you know ahead of time that you want to grow out your color, book one last foil and tell the stylist about your goal. With that in mind, they can use balayage or similar techniques to help the grow-out look natural.

2. Focus on a High-Quality, Simple Routine

Over the last few years my haircare regimen became almost on par with my skincare regimen, but I’ve paid even more attention since I stopped coloring. I see this as a chance to nourish hair that’s been over highlighted, heated, brushed, and neglected. I’m keeping it simple, much like I did as a child, using a wide-tooth comb to detangle, letting it air dry as much as possible, and using a sulfate-free shampoo, brightening conditioner, and mask to keep my hair soft, strong, and shiny.

Going Back to My Natural Hair Color

3. Accept the Growth

Now that I’ve having my photograph taken every week for the blog, I notice the grow out more than ever. While bothersome, I know that summer is right around the corner and my hair will naturally lighten up. It pays to be patient rather than get back into the same old cycle of coloring over and over again.

4. Take a Supplement

Taking a supplement to encourage growth will shorten the awkward window where your hair simply looks like you’ve gone too long between color appointments. This biotin has done wonders for my hair and nails. Keeping your diet rich in bright, colorful vegetables and fruits will encourage growth as well.

5. Self Tanner

This tip makes me laugh because it’s unexpected! However, as a blonde, something about the tone of my natural hair color against pale, winter skin isn’t too flattering. To get through these long winter and early spring days when my skin doesn’t naturally have color, I’ve been using this bronzer and these tan drops. It’s amazing what adding a bit of tone to my skin does to improve the overall look of my hair and skin combination during this time of year.

What’s your natural hair color? Have you ever considered going back? I would love to know! Let me now in the comments or on Instagram.