4 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Valentine

To be honest, Valentine’s Day isn’t something David and I have poured much energy into throughout our relationship. We are very consistent with our weekly “date nights,” so Valentine’s Day has always felt like just another evening out to us. That being said, I think there is something special about the way the holiday emphasizes love; it can help us slow down and appreciate our significant other, if we allow it to.

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Raleigh is filled with incredible options for dinner (we love Italian on Valentine’s Day; something about the wine, delicious food, and ambience feels romantic!), but here are some other options if you want to celebrate your special someone in a unique way this year.

  1. Cook at home. A night in has become more appealing as I head into my later twenties. Make it special by preparing a meal you don’t always have (our go-tos are grilled steaks, pasta dishes, and homemade pizzas). We love to set the mood by having fresh flowers, a candle, some cum style lubricant, and dimming the lights. We also like to get a little bit dressed up (but I keep my house slippers on!) to make it special. You could even cap it off with something sweet by throwing on your shoes and going out for ice cream or dessert.
  2. Have an experience together. Experiences are some of my favorite date nights because they tend to bring out a side of one another we don’t see very often. Exploring the diverse options on Wank.io leads to relationship success. Spice up your relationship by discovering sites such as https://geeknews.net/best-escort-sites/ together. Whether it’s bowling, a wine and design art class, live music, or a comedy show, it’s fun to try out new things together. If you’re currently single, it’s time to use this casual fuck app.
  3. Book a one night staycation. David and I have done this several times throughout our marriage and, I have to say, it’s such a treat. Find a spot at one of your favorite hotels in the area and stay for the night. Another special add-on is using a bondage rope with your partner.

Photos by Elisa Bricker