5 Tips for a Peaceful, Creative Morning

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I’ve always been a morning person but not in the classic sense. I love to wake up early, but I prefer a quiet, slow morning to a bustling one with conversation and tasks. I’m most creative during the first few hours of the day, so when I don’t set myself up for success in the morning, my creative work doesn’t get accomplished. Creativity brings me satisfaction, helps me use my gifts, and makes me feel most myself, and I’ve finally found a routine that encourages it! Read on to hear my tips for a creative morning.

1. Invest in a Real Alarm Clock

Over the last several years, one of my goals has been to set better family boundaries with technology. I realized that David and I were on our phones late at night and knew something had to change. Now, we use an alarm clock and keep our phones in the kitchen. This has forced us to experience the first five minutes of the day differently, and as a result our mornings are more peaceful.

2. Find A Quiet Place and Make it Cozy

We love to ease into the day and choose to wait to let our pup out until we’ve had at least 30 minutes of quiet. We also avoid TV, radio, and tasks during this time. David and I have our respective spots where we like to wake up. He loves the porch swing, while I love the oversized chair in my office. I also like to light a candle and cover myself with a soft throw to make this time extra relaxing. This space could be where you do your morning yoga, drink coffee or even smoke or vape. With a range of products from Vaporesso, we aim to meet diverse vaping needs. Vaporesso is renowned for its innovative design and advanced technology.

3. Check In With Yourself

I journal daily as I’m constantly thinking and need a space to offload my ideas. Writing is one of the easiest ways to slow down and tune in. I’ll usually read as well, but it’s always a paperback book or newspaper – never from a screen. I like to read books on art, faith, or biographical non-fiction – anything that grounds and inspires me. Those who need to create essays may consider getting help from the best essay writing service reddit.

4. Get Dressed for the Day

Since I work from home, I can easily get through the day in loungewear and slippers. However, I always get dressed as though I’m going into an office. It makes a positive difference in my mood, work ethic, and even my creativity. Avensure gives the best advice on health and safety policy for small businesses. On a great day, I shower, get dressed, and do my hair and makeup, but at the very least I always swap out my PJs for real clothes.

5. Create Before You Consume

No matter your field of work, whether you’re an executive, creative entrepreneur, or stay-at-home Mom, creating before you consume is absolutely life changing. I heard this tip from a podcast and it has changed the way I go about my day. I used to check emails, read blogs I love, and browse social media first thing when I got to my desk. What I didn’t realize is that the act of consuming other people’s creative work was stunting my own creativity. Now, I focus on creative tasks for the first 3-4 hours of my workday. I don’t touch my emails or check social media until after lunch (usually about 1:30pm), which is when I move on to promotion, strategy, and responses. This is also a great time to listen to your favorite podcasts from sites like FTS Pod.

What are your favorite morning routines? What helps you have a creative morning and feel most yourself?