10 Essentials that Will Supercharge Your Beauty Routine


I’ve noticed that among beauty enthusiasts, there are two major camps: those who have set beauty essentials and those who are always trying new products. I fall squarely in the middle, keeping with my beauty favorites on a daily basis and trying something new when inspiration strikes.

For example, there’s something about fall that makes me want to refresh. And with the holidays on the horizon, I’m already thinking about date night and festive looks, keeping everything hydrated, and finding products that add an extra ‘oompf’ without sacrificing the natural look I love year-round.

Since we’re all spending more time at home, I thought it’d be fun to share my top 10 beauty essentials for women, given the off chance that you have a moment (or two) to do an audit of your vanity.

Keep reading for the list of 10 hair, skin, and makeup essentials I could never go without, including a mix of products I’ve loved for years and several knockout staples that are new to my collection.

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1. An Eyeshadow Palette that Flatters Your Eye Color

If I had to go through life with just one type of makeup, it would hands down be eye makeup. I love playing up my green eyes with a bare face for a no makeup makeup look. This Bobbi Brown eye palette caught my attention recently for doing just that. It’s neutral but has tones that are striking for fall, like shimmery gold and deep matte brown. Don’t forget to grab a high-quality makeup remover, regardless of your skin type.

2. Non-Orangey Bronzer

Once I learned that the sun was terrible for my skin, I started investing in great bronzers. A little bit of tint can completely change how vibrant your skin tone looks, and most options last up to one year. The Ambient Lighting Bronzer by Hourglass in Luminous Bronze Light works well year-round, and Tom Ford’s Soleil Glow Bronzer is perfectly buildable.

3. Subtle Blush

Blush has always been one of my favorite product categories for the life that it can bring back to an otherwise pale face. Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic in Ecstasy is what I wear most often throughout the year. Quick tip: I’ve learned from stylists and beauty experts to apply the most pigment right at the top of your cheekbones.

4. A Signature Lip Color

It’s ideal to have one great go-to lip color in your arsenal that can be relied upon to moisturize, last all day, and perfectly complement your skin tone. To me, MAC and Tom Ford make the best of the best lipsticks. I like Creme d’Nude and Myth from MAC with a smokey eye, and Impassioned by Tom Ford is gorgeous when you want a sophisticated way to draw attention to your lips.

5. A Moisturizing Concealer

Even with proper skin care and eye cream, I occasionally get a small blemish or have a poor night’s sleep that leads to dark circles. I’ve always loved Maybelline New York’s undereye concealers for a budget-friendly option, but this Chantecaille corrector pen is as good as it gets: lightweight, hydrating, blurring, and natural looking.


6. Natural-Looking Mascara

Mascaras are a dime a dozen, but the good ones are diamonds in the rough. I’ve been through many tubes and have settled on a sort of “capsule” of mascaras that I use for different occasions. For everyday, natural, separated lashes, I use Bobbi Brown. For bold, high-intensity, date night lashes, I use Dior. When I hardly want to feel my mascara or am experiencing some sensitivity, I use Pacifica.

7. A Medical-Grade Cleanser and Exfoliator

My skin would truly not look the same without my Zo Skin Health products. I’ve written about them many times, but my basic AM and PM routine of cleansing and exfoliating is largely responsible for my clear, acne-free skin. I also use a toner with glycolic acid when I’m experiencing breakouts, and of course sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF on a daily basis.

8. Feel-Good Body Lotion

Every esthetician I see tells me that hydrating is helpful for anti-aging, and whether you believe it or not, taking a moment after your shower with a pleasantly scented moisturizer is just great. In the summer I’ll incorporate something with aloe (for mild burns), but I like this body moisturizer for year-round use. And for a good product that promotes muscle growth and slows down ageing naturally, you can have a peak at these adelphi research steroids here for more info!

9. A Quiet, Efficient Hair Dryer

Even though one of the main tenets of healthy hair care is limited washing, I love the feeling of freshly washed hair. Whether you opt for once per week or wash daily, I believe so firmly in the quality of the Dyson hair dryer that I did a full review on it. This is an absolutely essential item if you have thick, unruly hair. I’m so grateful I don’t have to feel frustrated about getting ready thanks to how much this speeds up the entire process. (PS—On days I skip washing, this dry shampoo gets rid of oil and adds volume).

10. Perfume that Captures Your Personality

The feeling a scent can spark is incredible—I can quickly attach a special memory to smells. Eau de perfume, cologne, perfume…having a staple on your vanity that fits your personality is a treat. I fell in love with Jo Malone’s collection after my mother-in-law introduced me. I tend to wear Wood Sage & Sea Salt most year-round, but Nordstrom sells dozens of options (Fun Fact about Jo Malone; the scents are designed to be combined with one another, so mix and match to your heart’s delight!).


I buy the majority of my beauty products from Nordstrom year-round, since they carry so many of my favorite brands. I also appreciate their free shipping and returns. Conveniently, it’s where I do lots of holiday shopping this time of year, so it’s easy to add a pretty lipstick or eyeshadow palette to my cart when I’m picking gifts. The perfect perfume, a beauty kit, seasonal makeup—you name it—the Nordstrom beauty department likely has it.

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