Best Buys of June

I love sharing my favorite monthly purchases with you. My hope is that you’ll see something that will inspire you, make your life easier, or enable you to feel more yourself. These are my five best buys of June…

1. Mason Pearson ‘Popular’ Brush

I wrote about my first Mason Pearson comb in May, and this month I went for it and got their classic bristle brush, the Popular, as an early birthday gift to myself. Mason Pearson brushes are designed to be with you for life as they last upwards of 40-50 years. I have never used a brush so gentle and detangling. My hair looks noticeably glossy with every use because the brush distributes my hair’s oils all the way down to the tips. I anticipate going 5-8 days between shampoos with this brush – and I never use dry shampoo. They also sell pocket versions for ladies on a budget.

2. 6-in-1 Footed Cake Dome

We hosted our dear friends’ daughter’s first birthday party at our home in June, and my mother-in-law was in town the days leading up to her celebration. She is the master of all things hosting and insisted that we find this 6-in-1 glass dome. It’s a glass piece that serves as a cake stand and lid, salad bowl, crudite with dip server, and more. This piece is a keeper if you host often or are low on storage space. I found a 4-in-1 version online, but we found my 6-in-1 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

3. ZO Skin Health Exfoliation Accelerator

While I plan to do a full overview of my skin care routine, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek. I primarily use Zo Skin Health’s products, and I added their Exfoliation Accelerator to my routine in June. It is a gentle chemical exfoliant that helps produce cell turnover, improve the absorption of other products, and prevent antioxidant damage.

4. Isabel Marant Maiwenn Dress

Fall colors are my absolute favorite shades. I stumbled upon this Isabel Marant Etoile dress at Nordstrom on sale for less than $75. I think it was from her collection several seasons ago, because I couldn’t find it elsewhere online! However, I’ve linked similar styles and colors here for $50 and here for roughly $100. It’s never too soon to start thinking about autumn, in my book.

5. Bling Brush Jewelry Cleaner

I’ve noticed my rings getting cloudier than usual this summer, likely due to the extra application of sunscreen and extended time outdoors. Oftentimes when I think to clean my ring, I’m on the go and forget about it later. Now, I carry my Bling Brush in my purse and can clean then and there. One brush is less than $20 and good for 100 uses.