Take a Tour of My Blog’s Redesign

Today’s the day! I am beyond excited to finally share the new website & branding for NatalieYerger.com! This has been a long time coming. Before I walk you through the new design and features, I want to talk briefly about the process and my thoughts behind launching a new site.

When I started dipping my toes in the world of blogging two years ago, I had a designer from a well-known Web Design Company build a website for me in less than 24 hours. While this worked fine at the time, I found myself wanting to provide more. Creating the best experience possible for you is something I take seriously, and an elegant, professional, warm, and easy-to-browse website was a dream I kept tucked in the back of my mind. At the end of last summer, I decided it was finally time to take a leap and get a custom site.

My hope is that the new site makes my content easy to find and seamless to browse on any device so that you can be inspired wherever you are, whether that’s at your desk on a lunch break or browsing your phone in bed late in the evening. Below I’m sharing key features, but be sure to take a minute and explore the site on your own. There’s so much to see!

Dynamic Homepage

The first thing you’ll see when you land on the home page is the newest blog post. You can scroll down the home page for more recent blog posts and hover over each image for an additional peek at what’s inside. At the top is the dynamic menu bar. As you hover over each category there will be drop downs so you can browse that category more specifically. You’ll also notice a shop category in the menu bar. This is a completely custom curated shop which I will be updating regularly.

Don’t miss the sidebar on the homepage, where you’ll see the opportunity to subscribe to my newsletters, learn more about me, explore reader favorite blog posts, and shop my current favorites.

Easily Shop Within Posts

One of the updates I’m most excited about is the ease with which you can now find and shop the products I share! You’re likely familiar with the texts links and widgets I use regularly, but we’ve also added product grids, which are categorized collections of products I find by topic, and numbered products, where I’ll highlight things I’m really loving with a more robust description of why. See here for a post using product grids and here for a post using numbered products.

Get to Know Me & Get in Touch

The FAQ, Contact, and About pages are great areas to get to know more about me and my brand, or to get in touch. On the FAQ page you’ll find answers to frequently asked reader questions by category, ranging from personal questions to beauty, fitness, and more. You can also submit your own question! The About page gives you a glance into the story behind the blog and what you can expect to find on NatalieYerger.com. Finally, the Contact page is the best place to drop me a personal note, say hello, or reach out if you are a company or brand interested in collaborating.

Shop Instagram & My Picks

The dynamic menu bar also includes a shop section. This is a completely custom curated shop which I will be updating regularly. On the Shop Instagram subpage, you’ll find items I’ve featured recently on Instagram. In addition, you can see other shopping categories that I’ll update seasonally (For example, Spring Style, Accessories, Beauty, Home, Travel, Fitness). If you’re ever wondering where to find a product I’ve talked about on Instagram, this is likely where it’ll be!

Follow Along for Exclusive Content

On the homepage, you’ll find the option to subscribe to my newsletters. These are featured in the right sidebar or a pop-up. You can choose to receive one or all of my newsletters, which include New Post Updates (sent immediately when a blog post is published), Weekly Roundup (sent once per week), and Special Content & Sales (exclusive emails with sale alerts, giveaways, and more!).

Explore the Archives

If you’re new to the blog, want to browse, or are looking for something specific from the year before, the archives are a great place to start. Here we archive all blog posts by year and month, making all content from years past easily accessible. According to experts like SEO link building services, this helps with my rankings on Google.

Find a Site Map at the Footer

At the bottom of the blog, we end with a social media round-up & footer. You can follow me via InstagramPinterest, & more. This is also a great place to quickly go anywhere you want within the site, from a category page of blog post content to archives, the contact page, or any of my social media channels. You can also find my privacy policy here.

Thank You!

I can’t wait to iterate on this design to keep improving your reader experience. Please feel free to leave constructive feedback if you have any! Also, a huge thank you to the incredible McKenzie Sue for making my website dreams come true. I am so grateful for her incredible talent, patience, and encouragement throughout the process!